How to choose the right handball shoes [2023 Updated List]

To perform at your best in handball you need two vital things: skills and excellent handball shoes.

These two complement each other. A good pair of handball shoes with special features tailored to this sport amplifies your agility, speed, and stability on the court.

Handball shoes have specialized features such as patterned soles for optimal grip, heel structure for stability, cushioning, and high-quality materials for overall comfort.

Let’s see what to look for when choosing handball shoes, why they are special, and what great options the market has to offer.

How to choose the right handball shoes

Even if you are a beginner or you are practicing this sport for a long time, deciding which are the best handball shoes can be a difficult task. Here are some features that you should keep in mind when shopping for handball shoes:


Pronation is a natural movement of the foot that refers to the side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run. There are three types of pronation: neutral pronation, overpronation, and under pronation or supinated. To determine what category you belong to, you need to analyze your footprint.

How to determine your foot’s pronation? There are many parameters that must be measured to determine the type of foot pronation. Some tests tend to emphasize only some parameters and ignore others. My advice to determine your pronation is either to visit a specialist equipped with the necessary equipment or to go to a sports equipment store that has certain measuring devices.

But is there any test you can do at home to find out pronation? Yes, you can also do a DIY test at home to determine your foot type.

The Foot - Supination and Pronation
The Foot – Supination and Pronation. Image credit: healthline

The test is called the wet test and includes the following steps:

  • Get your feet wet
  • Stand on a piece of paper
  • When you think that the footprint is printed on the paper, step out from the paper
  • Take a look at the footprint.

If your foot leaves a complete footprint, you have a flat foot and an overpronation. If you have a high arch, then you have a supinated foot or underpronation.

Lastly, if you notice a moderate curve and some space, then you have a neutral pronation.


In this sport, good handball shoes need to ensure your freedom of movement, breathability, stability, and support, while allowing you to suddenly stop, jump, kick legs, and change direction quickly.

That’s why players should look for extra durable shoes with outsoles that can withstand friction.

The shoes also need to give you good grip and traction. Search for shoes that feature a rubber outsole because those will provide you with a great grip. You need traction and grip, especially if you play on indoor courts.


The weight of the handball shoes is of particular importance in the selection process of a correct pair.

The handball shoes must be as light as possible to help you make the necessary running and jumping movements during the game.

The low weight of a pair of shoes improves your agility on the field. You will be able to run faster without your legs getting tired.


Handball shoes are generally made of three types of materials: synthetic fabrics like polyurethane (PU) or synthetic leather, mesh, and leather.

The largest majority are manufactured from synthetic materials with mesh in the upper part of handball shoes. This mix of fabrics makes handball shoes very lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

They offer good durability, but also ventilation, thus minimizing the appearance of foot odor and bacterial growth.

The leather handball shoes have a higher price than the synthetic ones, but also a greater weight.

Both materials are great for handball shoes, but it depends on your personal preferences during the handball games.


Because this sport requires high jumps and fast moves in all directions, the sole must be able to absorb impact.

Look for handball shoes with good cushioning as the ones with EVA foam, gel, or PU foam in the midsole of the shoe.

A good amount of cushioning protects your feet from painful impacts on the court.


Make sure the size and fit will be right for your feet – an optimal match is the essential aspect of achieving performance. In the case of an online order, you need to know how to choose the right size.

You can select the right pair by measuring your foot. Put your foot on a sheet. Draw a horizontal line from the tip of the thumb and one parallel to this fixed line to the highest point of the heel. You need to compare this measure (in cm) to the product size.


Can you wear volleyball shoes when playing handball?

Yes, you can wear volleyball shoes when playing handball. You just have to be careful what type of volleyball shoes you choose. Not all volleyball shoes fulfill the requirements of handball.

These two sports indeed have some similarities, but they also have some differences in the game level, movements, and techniques.

For example, volleyball involves more jumping, while in handball you move quickly by doing lots of unexpected and powerful movements.

Just look for volleyball shoes that offer ankle support and stability for lateral movements, because this is what you need in handball.

What makes handball shoes different from any other normal shoes?

Handball shoes are specially created to meet the needs of handball players.

The handball shoes differ from other shoes by:

  • Sole pattern – Handball shoes have a special sole with a specific pattern. The main purpose of it is to deliver excellent traction on indoor courts during quick starts and stops, and other explosive movements.
  • Profile – Handball shoes have a low profile or cut. This low-cut design offers extra balance and freedom of movement.
  • Anatomically shaped heel – This feature ensures support and stability while preventing injury. It secures and stabilizes the foot during lateral movements, sudden stops, and quick changes in direction
  • Cushioning – Because this sport involves jumping, the shoes must integrate a cushioning system to attenuate the shocks. So, handball shoes have a good amount of foam in the midsole.
  • Weight – Handball shoes are lighter than other shoes. This helps players to move quickly on the court without their feet getting tired.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, handball shoes are an important piece of handball equipment that can make a big difference on the court.

The right pair of handball shoes combined with your skills can enhance your performance and prevent injuries. Factors like a great fit, good cushioning, awesome traction, and stability give you unparalleled comfort and a great feel.

Enjoy your handball game by choosing a good pair of handball shoes.

Handball shoes List for 2023

Handball shoes for men

Adidas handball shoes for men

Adidas NovaflightAdidas Novaflight handball shoes for men

These Adidas handball shoes for men are made from 100% synthetic, which makes them lightweight. The low weight makes them extremely comfortable, so your feet do not even feel that they are wearing these handball shoes.

The outsole with 360-degree radius rubber offers durability, but also good traction and grip. Because the outsole and the external synthetic construction are sturdy, these handball shoes are perfect for indoor use.

Moreover, these indoor handball shoes have a Bounce system that provides cushioning and shock absorption. Your feet are protected from the force of the initial impact during play.

These Adidas Novaflight handball shoes for men have the upper part of the shoe made of 50% recycled content, making them very environmentally friendly.

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

Adidas Stabil Next Gen handball shoes for men

The Adidas Stabil Next Gen handball shoes are truly sustainable shoes.

The upper part of them is made of 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. What is this? It includes plastic waste from remote islands, beaches, and coastal communities. By creating these handball shoes, Adidas wants to prevent ocean pollution with plastic.

When it comes to features, these Adidas handball shoes for men include a multidirectional outsole. This outsole provides stability for your foot when you begin sprinting or making quick lateral movements. The risk of slipping is reduced and so are the chances of being injured.

At the midsole level, these handball shoes integrate an EVA foam that ensures a lightweight feel, flexibility, and good shock absorption.

You can use these Adidas handball shoes for men both on indoor and outdoor courts.

Asics handball shoes for men

ASICS Gel-Task 3 MT
ASICS Gel-Task 3 MT handball shoes for men

With their ergonomic design, the Asics Gel-Task 3 MT handball shoes prioritize the comfort and well-being of the feet.

Featuring a rubber sole, these indoor handball shoes from Asics ensure that your foot remains stable and secure during explosive movements from a stationary position. The wrap-up construction on the forefoot makes sure that your foot has the necessary support from all angles.

The exterior of these shoes is made of sturdy synthetic leather and mesh panels. This combination of materials keeps the weight low and provides ventilation and airflow. Your feet are dry and cool without odor and bacteria.

The midsole features the renowned Asics Gel technology. By incorporating GEL technology in the forefoot, this shoe helps to prevent discomfort and injury that may result from high-impact movements. This technology absorbs shocks and distributes the pressure evenly across the foot.

These handball shoes for men also have a synthetic leather toe reinforcement, which is an extra layer of synthetic in the front part of the shoe. It ensures additional protection to the toes and prevents wear and tear during slides, cuts, or high-impact movements.

Salming Hawk Handball Shoes for men

Salming Hawk Handball Shoes for men
The Hawk handball shoe by Salming is made to perform. With the utmost engineering from ExoSkeleton inner cage for excellent support to Torsion Guide System for stability, these shoes provide an unequaled performance.

The breathability is ensured by the mesh upper, while the new midsole Recoil ERF – Energy Rebound Foam absorbs the impact and releases the energy into the shoe. Finally, this Salming handball shoe was made with a HexaGrip pattern for superior traction while still delivering enough mobility.

Other options of men’s handball shoes could be: Kempa Wing 2.0, Nike Air Max Impact 4, ASICS Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam Mid Top 3

Handball shoes for women

Adidas handball shoes for women

adidas Women's Novaflight Handball shoes
The Adidas Men’s and Women’s Novaflight handball shoes share many similarities, including their 100% synthetic construction, Bounce cushioning system, sturdy upper, and durable rubber outsole.

The only difference is that these Adidas handball shoes for women are available in different color options.

Kempa handball shoes for women

Kempa handball shoes for women
The Kempa handball shoes for women feature innovative fabrics and technologies.

These women’s handball shoes are made of a woven material that includes a perfect mix of polyamide and Kevlar fibers. The result is some lightweight handball shoes for women that provide great breathability to the feet.

Inside, there is an elastic inner sock that ensures a secure fit. Your feet stay flat during sudden starts or stops on the court.
From the construction point of view, these handball shoes amaze with their anatomically shaped heel cap or Heelkage, which offers maximum stability. It also helps to prevent blisters and other foot injuries by reducing friction.

The EVA foam cushioning reduces the shock of high-impact movements such as jumping or cutting, while the Michelin outsole gives you the confidence to make fast moves and quick turns without slipping or sliding.

Nike handball shoes for women

Perfect choice for indoor courts, these Nike Zoom HyperAce 2 handball shoes are designed for handball players who want nothing but comfort. They have a lightweight design and ergonomic construction that help reduce stress on the feet during play.

Their textile and synthetic materials deliver maximum durability and breathability while keeping them lightweight. These Nike handball shoes for women also feature Zoom Air cushioning in the midsole that ensures responsive cushioning. This characteristic absorbs the impacts from jumping and enhances comfort even more.

The TPU cage keeps the legs secure and gives them a boost of support and stability during lateral movements. Thus, your ankles are protected and supported.

I recommend these handball shoes only to those with narrower feet because they are quite tight and narrow.
Nike Zoom Hyperace 2
Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 Handball shoes for women

Nike Zoom Hyperspeed Court SE
Nike Zoom Hyperspeed Court SE Handball shoes for women

Asics handball shoes for women

ASICS Gel-Tactic 2
ASICS Gel-Tactic 2 Handball Shoes for women
These shoes feature a seamless mesh upper that provides the maximum amount of ventilation while reducing irritation and friction.

They also incorporate the Trusstic System technology, as well as Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system, which ensures comfort.

Other options of women’s handball shoes could be: Kempa Wing 2.0, ASICS Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam 3.

Unisex handball shoes

Kempa Unisex’s Attack One Contender
Kempa Unisex's Attack One Contender unisex handball shoes

The Attack One Contender handball shoes are suitable for both men and women.

They are made from a top-notch woven fabric that contains polyamide and Kevlar-based fibers.

Featuring an injected torsion element for power and stability and a MICHELIN outsole for the best grip, these shoes are perfect for the toughest handball matches.

Their Heelkage or shaped heel supplies additional stability to the feet. The molded EVA foam midsole guarantees superior impact absorption, springy responsiveness, and propulsion.

The amount of cushioning is so great, that these handball shoes are an ideal option for those who have suffered injuries or have foot or leg pain.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7
Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7, Unisex Adult Handball Shoes

Take your game to the next level with these Mizuno Wave Lightning Z7, designed to provide an impressive return of energy.

With high-quality materials and a new heel counter, these Mizuno handball shoes offer superior fit, flexibility, and a perfect fit for all foot types.
The rubber outsole of these shoes provides superior grip and resistance to wear and tear on the court. The midsole area is higher, offering greater stability and support to the ankle during quick cuts and jumps.

These Mizuno handball shoes deliver unbeatable performance and confidence on the court.

Other options of unisex handball shoes could be: Kempa Coaching, PUMA Solarstrike Ii

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