Top 10 Best Squash Rackets In 2023

Squash is a ball sport that anyone can play.

It is the healthiest sport, ahead of swimming, climbing, and canoeing.

It is an excellent cardio workout that strengthens the heart while helping you improve coordination and flexibility.


It is both fun and energetic.

But before you start, you need the right equipment. The squash equipment list comprises high-quality apparel, a pair of shoes, a squash racket, and a ball to start hitting the wall.

These are elements that can bog you down and bum you out if you don’t choose them carefully. That’s why we decided to put together a top-of-10 squash racket.

So without further ado, let’s see the best squash rackets for 2023.

Head Extreme 135

Head Extreme 135 Squash Racket

This Head squash racket incorporates the new Innegra technology that increases stability and shock absorption while reducing vibration on ball impact. It features a unique teardrop shape, and it represents a fantastic choice for beginners.

Dunlop Apex Synergy 3.0

Dunlop Apex Synergy 3.0 Squash Racket

Designed for intermediate players, this Dunlop squash racket offers incredible control and power. It incorporates Power-Ridge technology that delivers exceptional stiffness and responsiveness, while HM6’s honeycomb construction provides a high-quality feel.

Best price~quality

Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed

Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed Squash Racket

Built specifically for players at top level and club players, this Tecnifibre Carboflex X-Speed squash racket comes with a new geometry of the shaft that delivers flexibility, durability and versatility.

Prince Pro Beast 750

Prince Pro Beast 750 Squash Racket

Yet another impressive squash racket designed specifically for speed is the Pro Beast 750. It boasts a more open string pattern, which delivers great power while increasing the spin of the ball. The woven laminates of carbon allow the racket to be 20% lighter, providing greater maneuverability.

Harrow Tarek Momen Signature Reflex

Harrow Tarek Momen Signature Reflex

Next up we have the Tarek Momen Signature Reflex squash racket by Harrow, which provides a perfect balance between pleasant aesthetics, power, excellent performance, and ball control.

Wilson Blade Light

Wilson Blade Light squash racquet

The Wilson Blade Light squash racquet provides great stability and impact. The new Power Hole Grommet technology guarantees quick wrist movement, while the Tack grip offers much-needed comfort.

Dunlop Precision Pro 130

Dunlop Precision Pro 130

Exceptional for advanced players, this product is among the pro squash rackets chosen for their great precision and stability. It flaunts pocketed grommets, and a more aerodynamic cross section in the hoop that increase racket control and speed. The Glidepolymer technology enhances durability and performance, while the oval cross-section in the head supports control and power in equal measure.

Wilson Blade CV

Wilson squash racket

Boasting a sleek design, this Wilson squash racket is perfect for those who are looking for high-quality feel and impact strength. It features the innovative Countervail technology that improves energy transfer, as well as the Tack grip for extra comfort.

Prince Pro Phantom 950

Prince Pro Phantom 950 Squash Racket

Weighing just 133g, this lightweight squash racket by Prince is a reliable, high-quality product that delivers great power, control, and torsional stability at impact. The Textreme technology helps you optimize your ability to control the ball, while the ResiSoft grip ensures exceptional comfort.

Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 L

Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 L

If control is what you’re looking for on the squash court, then the Graphene Touch Speed 120 L by Head will definitely meet your requirements. This racket incorporates the HEAD‘s Amplified Fibre technology that maximizes power and control, as well as the revolutionary Corrugated technology, which is capable of ensuring incredible stiffness levels.

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