The Best Shoes For Boxing In 2023 – Low-Top, Mid-Top And High-Top

It’s time for a new top, a top of the best boxing shoes.

Even though boxing involves a lot of punching, footwork is also incredibly important, which is why any serious boxer will always wear the highest quality footwear.

In any fight or boxing training, boxers, both beginners and even professionals need good stability and support. These two aspects are among the keys to success in boxing fights.

Boxing shoes are specially created to be sure that you stay on your feet and have maximum control over the fight while throwing punches.

The Best Boxing Shoes
The Best Boxing Shoes

Nevertheless, apart from stability and support, a pair of boxing shoes must be comfortable to offer adequate traction too. Comfort and traction should not be omitted or overlooked, because even if the shoes offers you stability, you will certainly not be able to concentrate on throwing punches at the opponent if your toes do not feel comfortable.

Many brands on the market offer some awesome deals. Whether we’re talking about Ringside Boxing Shoes, Adidas Boxing Shoes, or Asics Boxing Shoes, they were all created using premium materials, and they incorporate technologies that were designed to help you step up your game.

Below you will find a list containing 19 of the best boxing shoes available on the market.

They’re all great, by the way, and all you have to do is pick the pair that suits your needs best.

Are Boxing Shoes Necessary for Beginners or Professional Boxers?

Many boxing beginners tend to overlook the importance of being equipped with a quality pair of boxing shoes.

Boxing is a martial art in which strength and stamina are really important to defeat the opponent. But, unlike the other martial arts, boxing is a game in which you need shoes. Otherwise, you will not be able to have control over your body when you prepare to hit due to the lack of traction, support, and stability. This is where the importance of boxing shoes comes in!

Having the right boxing shoes is essential for any professional boxer. A high-quality pair of boxing shoes help you stay confident and fast in the ring.

They are specially crafted to provide support, stability, traction, and comfort. These are all important, as they improve performance and reduce fatigue so that you can stay focused and fight for longer periods.

You can reach the top of your game with the right amount of support and traction given by your shoes. Furthermore, the right pair of shoes have a perfect fit and hug your feet while protecting them from injuries.

Therefore, boxing shoes are important in practicing this sport. They minimize the risk of injuries and improve performance considerably. The next time you are not sure whether to buy a pair of boxing shoes, keep in mind that finding the right boxing shoe is an important part of any boxer’s preparation.

Types of Boxing Shoes and How To Choose The Right One

When it comes to selecting the right pair of boxing shoes, there are three main types to choose from: low-top, mid-top, and high-top.

Each of these three types has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, your choice will be influenced by your playing style, the support you prefer, and how you feel on your feet.

Let’s take a closer look at what defines each type and what it offers.


Low-top boxing shoes are a good choice for boxers looking to improve their speed and agility.

The advantage of these shoes is that they are lighter and allow you to move quickly in the ring without limiting the freedom of movement at all.

However, their downside is that they do not offer ankle support or security.

In the end, they are good for those who want to be lightning fast.

They are not an inspiring choice for those who want shoes that minimize the risk of injury or for those who have already suffered from an ankle injury.


The mid-top boxing shoes represent a combination of low-top and high-top shoes.

The mid-cut design maintains a light foot feeling and allows you to move quickly and freely in the ring.

Also, these slippers will offer more ankle support than low tops.

They are suitable for those who want more stability while still remaining agile.


The high-top boxing shoes provide additional protection in the ring.

Compared with the other two, the high-top type offers the best ankle support due to its higher cut. Moreover, they will offer you maximum support, stability, and traction.

The ability to move in battle is not limited, but it is not as superior as the low-top ones.

In conclusion, high-top boxing shoes are not for those who want speed.

They are perfect for boxers who want to hit hard without losing traction and control.

No matter what type of boxing shoe you choose, make sure it provides enough comfort and flexibility to help you perform at your highest level.

1. Best Boxing Shoes Low-top

1.1 Rival RSX-Guerrero “Classic” Lo-Top

Crafted specifically for boxing, the Rival RSX-Guerrero Classic Lo-top shoes have an outstanding design as well as features.

They come with a fully ventilated mesh that increases airflow, keeping your feet comfortable all the time. Together with the cowhide suede upper and breathable mesh sock liner, they ensure air circulation and ventilation from every side of the foot. Your feet will be dry, cool, and with no odor.

Their rubber outsole is thin and flexible. However, it is incredibly durable and delivers maximum grip and flexibility.

Finally, these shoes also feature an insole with superior cushion and arch support that will help your feet stay comfortable throughout any activity.

Rival RSX-Guerrero Classic Lo-Top - Best Boxing Shoes

1.2 Rival RSX-Genesis Boxing Boots 2.0

The Rival RSX-Genesis boxing shoes come with a low-top design and are the ideal choice for athletes who need speed and superior traction.

The shoes feature a high-quality PU material that is nothing more than synthetic leather. Nevertheless, the PU material (polyurethane leather) offers the shoes a sleek look of genuine leather, which is, in fact, a synthetic one. Moreover, the PU combined with the breathable mesh present on each side provides good ventilation, keeping the feet dry and minimizing the risk of bacteria.

The lacing system ensures a secure fit while the EVA midsole absorbs all shocks and provides a comfortable, cushioned feel.

Available in black, red, and white and in full sizes from 5 to 13 (US), these shoes also boast a durable rubber outsole that delivers supreme traction during all your moves.

Rival RSX-Genesis Boxing Boots 2.0 Color Red

1.3 Ringside Diablo

The Ringside Diablo flaunts a modern, high-performance design that will undoubtedly surpass all of your expectations in the ring.

Made with patent leather vinyl, the shoes are easy to clean, and durable, but also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Therefore, due to their low weight, they will support you in your dynamic movements during an intense fight.

The low-top design does not offer absolute protection to the ankle, but it does provide some support to the feet. Still, the low-top ankle allows you to move smoothly and with ease, while the non-slip rubber outsole ensures excellent grip, helping you firmly stand your ground and also move with superior speed.

Other highlights that are worth mentioning are the nylon mesh upper that promotes ventilation and healthy feet, as well as the rubber outsole, which ensures grip and traction.
The shoe comes in Black, Blue, Red, and White colorways, and it is available in men’s sizes ranging from 2 to 13.

Moreover, they are also perfect for women. So, if you’re looking for women’s boxing shoes, give them a shot. The specialists from Ringside advise subtracting 2 from the men’s size. If you wear a size 9, you should buy a size 7.
Color: Black
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Black

Color: Red
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Red

Color: White
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color White

Color: Neon Green
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Neon Green

Color: Neon Orange
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Neon Orange

Color: Neon Yellow
Ringside Diablo - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Neon Yellow

1.4 Asics Men’s Aggressor 2

The Asics men’s Aggressor 2 is actually a wrestling shoe, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for boxing just as well. Wrestling shoes can be a good option for both beginners and more advanced boxers. They offer a snug fit for more support and stability that allows you to move quickly and confidently in the ring. Moreover, the sole of wrestling shoes is similar to that of boxing shoes in general.

It offers increased traction that allows you to focus completely on the fight.

The Aggressor 2 by Asics are popular in the world of boxing due to the extreme durability they offer. With a lightweight, breathable upper, they ensure your feet have enough ventilation and breathability during your exercises.

The Hook and Loop closure with ankle strap secures the feet by locking them up. Furthermore, the midsole foam ensures cushioning and shock absorption, while the rubber sole provides optimal support and traction for boxing training.

These boxing shoes by Asics come in a plethora of colorways with different graphics across their upper.
Color: Dusty Blue/Silver/Red Orange
Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Dusty Blue,Silver,Red Orange
Color: Fire Red/Black/Graphite
Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Fire Red,Black,Graphite
Color: Black/Onyx/Silver
Asics Men’s Aggressor 2 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Black,Onyx,Silver

1.5 Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14

Another wrestling shoe that’s perfectly suited for boxing is the Adizero Wrestling 14, which features four different colorways, two of which are based on eye-catching shades of lime, yellow and blue, while the others come in black and white.

What makes this product stand out is that it incorporates Adiwear technology, which offers improved durability when compared to similar offerings. Adiwear technology includes an extremely durable rubber commonly used in tennis shoes. This rubber does not mark, has a high resistance to abrasion and traction, and is used most often in the landing area of the heel and the toe area.

The shoes’ 3D mesh tongue wicks moisture away and keeps the feet dry, healthy, and with no unwanted odors. Their polyester mesh upper with integrated woven support elements offers great ventilation and stability.

The shoes are available in more than 10 colors, so you will find a pair for your taste. Available sizes are between 4 and 12 (US). They are perfect for both women and men.

Color: Flash Lime/Solar Yellow
Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Flash Lime,Solar Yellow
Color: Aqua/Yellow/Blue
Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Aqua,Yellow,Blue
Color: Red/Silver/Red
Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Red,Silver,Red
Color: Black/White/White
Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color Black,White,White
Color: White/Navy/Red
Adidas Adizero Wrestling 14 - Best Boxing Shoes - Color White,Navy,Red

1.6 Asics Men’s JB Elite V2.0

Created using valuable input from Two-Time World and Olympic Champion, Jordan Burroughs, the JB Elite V.20 Asics wrestling shoes provide an exceptional mix between durability, performance, and comfort.

These shoes flaunt a single-layer mesh upper that takes care of breathability and ventilation.

The Asics Integrated Lace Garage system offers a secure fit, but also the option to remove the laces to avoid any unpleasant accident. The split sole outsole has wrestling-specific traction pods that offer a perfect balance between flexibility and traction.

These boxing shoes weigh just 6.8 oz each, and they are available in three different colorways named Jet Blue/Oly Gold/Red, Granite Green/Green Gecko/Black, and Black/Oly Gold/Red.
Color: Jet Blue/Olympic Gold/Red
Asics Men’s JB Elite V2.0

2. Best Boxing Shoes Mid-top

2.1 Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes

The Hayabusa Pro are boxing shoes with a mid-cut. These shoes have the exterior built from durable microfiber leather and mesh panels.

These materials offer breathability and increased airflow, so you are comfortable at all times.

They boast a lightweight design that does not limit your freedom and helps you to be agile and faster than your opponent.

The laces of these shoes are durable and long, so they lock your feet and offer a secure fit. The outsole from flexible rubber has an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots.

This helps you to have more stability and even a bit of mobility.
Lastly, the Hayabusa Pro shoes are available in sizes from 6 to 13 (US) and in colors like red, white, and black.
Color: Black
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color Black
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color Black 1

Color: Blue
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color Blue
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color Blue 1

Color: Red
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color RedHayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color Red 1

Color: White
Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color WhiteHayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes - Color White 1

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2.2 Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

The Venum Elite are men’s boxing shoes designed to increase your performance.

Worn and tested by Venum athletes like Jorge Linares, and Miguel Berchelt these shoes boast an impressive sole and a mid-cut. Venum admits that the sole is the essential part of the shoes and they took their time to develop it.

Nevertheless, the final result offers a lightweight feel, support, stability, and grip. That’s all a boxer needs to allow him to move very quickly in any direction in the ring. Moreover, these boxing shoes are an ideal choice for people with wide feet.

The shoes’ insole is also special, as it molds over the plantar arch of the foot for superior comfort and cushioning. The mesh honeycomb fabric delivers great breathability and airflow even during the most intensive moments.

This pair of boxing shoes are available in black color combined with various details in several colors such as gold, black, silver, red, white, and burgundy. As for the sizes, the range is between 4,5 and 13,5 (US).

Color: Black
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color - BlackVenum Elite Boxing Shoes Color - Black 1

Color: Black/Black
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-BlackVenum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-Black 1

Color: Black/Burgundy
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-BurgundyVenum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-Burgundy 1

Color: Black/Gold
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-GoldVenum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-Gold 1

Color: Black/Red
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-RedVenum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-Red 1

Color: Black/Braun
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-Brown

Color: Black/White
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Color Black-White

2.3 Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes

The Title Boxing Total Balance boxing shoes come in colors like blue, white, grey, and black and sizes ranging between 5 to 14 (US). They have available half sizes, so you do not have to worry.

The shoes’ exterior is a mesh, synthetic leather fabric that promotes comfort and increased airflow so your feet stay dry. Their high-top design ensures great support for your ankles and does not interfere with your mobility. The padding midsole provides you with even more comfort and cushioning.

Furthermore, the antibacterial fabric lining minimizes the risk of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms building in your shoes. This makes it easier to keep your feet healthy and odor-free.

One other highlight that we need to mention is the rubber outsole. Placed in the targeted places, the rubber outsole ensures the necessary traction you need for each boxing session.
Color: Black
Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes - Color Black

Color: Grey/Green
Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes - Color Grey,Green

Color: White/Black
Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes - Color White,Black

Color: Black/Neon Green
Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes - Color Black,Neon Green

Color: Black/Red
Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoes - Color Black,Red

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2.4 Asics Aggressor 5

This next pair of boxing footwear is one of the ideal choices for your boxing equipment.

The Asics Aggressor 5 shoes are great not only for boxing but also for wrestling. Wrestling and boxing shoes are not that different from each other. They share some similarities that make them perfect for practicing both sports. Both types of shoes provide excellent traction, stability, and durability to give athletes better control over their movements.

The Asics Aggressor 5 has an aggressive, mid-cut design, and an upper made from an ecsaine material. The ecsaine material is a polyester fiber injected with polyurethane that delivers good cushioning and the ability to return to its original shape faster.

Moreover, they have a rubber outsole that helps you keep your stability and control when hitting hard. Additionally, these boxing shoes feature sock liners and breathable materials that keep feet cool and dry.

You can buy these shoes in sizes from 4 to 15 (US) and in colors like white/blue, black/white, and azure/new leaf.

Color: Black/White
Asics Aggressor 5

Color: Azure/New Leaf
Asics Aggressor 5 - Color Azure,New Leaf

Color: White/Lapis Lazuli Blue
Asics Aggressor 5 - Color White,Lapis Lazuli Blue

2.5 Adidas Box Hog 3

Featuring a mid-cut design and regular fit, the Adidas Box Hog 3 offers maximum stability.

Compared with the Adidas Box Hog 2, these shoes do not have a partial EVA midsole, but a complete one. EVA midsole is a man-made material that feels like foam and absorbs shock from impact.

It delivers cushioning, comfort, and protection to your feet. These men’s boxing shoes are ideal for those who are fast and prefer quick movements in the ring.

The abrasion-resistant toe cap provides additional protection, whereas the knit mesh upper with inner reinforcements promotes air circulation. Being a preferred pair of shoes amongst boxers, they also have a lace closure for a secured fit, as well as a rubber outsole that helps you stay in control.
Color: Team Royal Blue/White/Team Collegiate Red
Adidas Box Hog 3 - Color Team Royal Blue,White,Team Collegiate Red

Color: Black/Grey/Solar Red
Adidas Box Hog 3 - Color Black,Grey,Solar Red

Color: White/Grey/Signal Green
Adidas Box Hog 3 - Color White,Grey,Signal Green

Color: White/Black/Solar Red
Adidas Box Hog 3 - Color White,Black,Solar Red

Color: Legacy Blue/Sky Tint
Adidas Box Hog 3 - Color Legacy Blue,Sky Tint

2.6 Adidas Box Hog 2

You can never go wrong with an Adidas boxing shoe, and the Box Hog 2 is arguably the brand’s best boxing-related offering.

It has a durable single-layer open mesh that keeps the shoe lightweight while offering exceptional climate control. The synthetic suede overlays take care of the footwear’s durability and help it last for more seasons.

These boxing shoes have an EVA midsole, but only for a partial part of the total structure. Nevertheless, this low-profile partial EVA midsole ensures midfoot and heel cushioning, so you do not have to worry about aching feet after your training season.

The rubber outsole helps you to make fast movements by ensuring the perfect amount of grip and stability. It is worth mentioning the mid-cut design that gives enough ankle support for you to focus on the performance.

The Box Hog is available in two colors named Black 1/Running White Ftw/Black 1 and the more eye-catching Shock Blue S16/Ftwr White/Solar Yellow.
Adidas Box Hog 2

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2.7 Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

The Otomix bodybuilding, weightlifting, MMA, and boxing shoes are made to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Made to provide superior performance and comfort, the shoes have a mid-cut, ergonomic design that ensures your feet are supported while you train, allowing you to be focused and perform your best in the ring. They impress with lightweight material that makes them very light so you won’t even feel that you are wearing them on your feet.

The rubber sole is flexible and ensures grip, stability, and traction, making them perfect for those who demand the highest level of performance from their boxing footwear.

Furthermore, the extra wide fit of these shoes makes them ideal for those who have wider feet. Black, Red, white, and grey are the colors available for these Otomix shoes. As for the sizes, they can be bought in full and half sizes ranging between 7 and 15 (US).
Color: White
Otomix Best Boxing Shoes - Color White

Color: Grey
Otomix Best Boxing Shoes - Color Grey

Color: Red
Otomix Best Boxing Shoes - Color Red

Color: Black
Otomix Best Boxing Shoes - Color Black

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3. Best Boxing Shoes High-top

3.1 Lonsdale Contender Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes for men from Lonsdale have everything covered.

They have a special design that includes a quilted ankle collar. This collar offers superior ankle protection and cushioning to help keep you comfortable during intense training sessions or competitions.

The full-lace fastening fixes the shoes and ensures a secured fit, while the lightweight, upper material keeps the shoe light.

The Lonsdale Contender boxing shoes also feature a gripped outsole that promotes traction and stability.

The shoes are available in a black and white design and sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 (US).

Lonsdale Contender Boxing Shoes

3.2 Reebok Boxing Shoes

Clearly one of the most outstanding boxing shoes in existence, the Reebok boxing shoes come in two distinct colorways, namely White/Black and Black/Black/White.

This model impresses with a synthetic nubuck upper that maintains the weight of the shoe very light. The light feel helps you to move quickly in the most dramatic moments of the fight.

Their ankle straps secure the feet and provide you with a locked-in feel and extra support. Moreover, the EVA midsole with its special foam cushioning material provides excellent cushioning for your feet.

The high-top design offers more ankle support compared to other shoes, while the upper synthetic fabric ensures breathability. And since traction is incredibly important in the boxing ring, this boxing footwear has incredibly durable rubber outsoles.

Reebok Boxing Shoes

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3.3 Everlast Elite High-Top Boxing Shoes

Created in collaboration with Michelin, this incredible Everlast boxing shoes for men feature a high-quality Michelin Technical Sole. This technical sole by Michelin incorporates the innovation technologies used also in the Michelin tires.

Being some of the best in the industry, Michelin shole provides superior grip, speed, cushioning, and stability for all kinds of activities. Together with the lightweight mesh upper, these Everlast boxing shoes for men are easier than ever and offer maximum flexibility and comfort.

They also incorporate an ankle strap that increases support during punching and movement. But this is not all that the ankle strap offers. It also guarantees that your feet will be locked down, and you can focus on your game. Moreover, these boxing shoes will easily take you from the gym into the ring and vice versa thanks to their hybrid design.

The Elite High Top Boxing Shoes by Everlast come in three main color versions such Black, Blue, and Red, and they can be purchased online in different full sizes.

Color: Blue
Everlast Elite High-Top Boxing Shoes Color Blue

Color: Red
Everlast Elite High-Top Boxing Shoes Color Red

Color: Black
Everlast Elite High-Top Boxing Shoes Color Black

3.4 Ringside Men’s Undefeated Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Undefeated men’s boxing shoes are available in two color versions, all black and white, and with a high design.

Like most high boxing shoes, it offers maximum protection for the ankle and upper leg support and stability with every movement.

These shoes have a breathable nylon mesh upper, which combined with a patent leather vinyl finish provides stability and above all comfort through the breathability provided, which keeps the feet dry.

The non-slip rubber sole ensures you will have a stable footing and firm grip in the ring. This model is available for men and women in sizes 2 to 13 (US).

Color: Black
Ringside Men’s Undefeated Boxing Shoes Color Black
Color: White
Ringside Men’s Undefeated Boxing Shoes Color White

3.5 Ringside Ring Master

The Ringside Ring Master ticks all the right boxes when it comes to performance and comfort.

This footwear comes with a grooved rubber sole that provides superior traction and grip on all surfaces. Therefore, they are ideal for fighting in the ring.

The shoes have a lightweight, simple, clean, and high-top design. However, mobility is not limited and even more, they offer increased ankle protection and stability.

Their breathable fabric keeps your feet cool and dry, while the stylish exterior makes you look great.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional boxer, the Ringside Ring Master boxing shoe is sure to give you the edge in the ring.

Ringside Ring Master - Best Boxing Shoes

3.6 Cleto Reyes Leather High Top

We saved the best for last, as the Cleto Reyes Leather High Top boxing shoes are probably the best shoes of their kind in the boxing world.

They are created entirely by hand in Mexico, and they are put together using cowhide leather and other premium materials.

The polyurethane insole and non-skin rubber sole minimize impact, while a wide upper with high-quality laces eliminates flexion strain while supporting a comfortable fit.

Other noteworthy details include a lace-up at the front, a side zipper, a rounded tip, and an elegant black colorway.

Cleto Reyes Leather High Top - Best Boxing Shoes in the World

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, boxing shoes are essential when practicing boxing. The best boxing shoes will protect against foot damage and various other injuries, making them a worthwhile investment.

Regardless of the style you prefer, the shoes must offer you comfort, stability, and traction. Furthermore, they must not limit your freedom of movement in any way. They must even be light and flexible to allow the foot to move naturally without restrictions.

Lastly, make sure the shoe you buy is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of boxing.

What pair of shoes do you use in your boxing training? Share your feedback, thoughts, and opinions with our community.

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