The 4 Lightest Bauer Ice Hockey Sticks for 2018

If you are a little behind with the latest news from hockey world, don’t worry. Today we’re happy to present you four new ice hockey sticks from Bauer that are all part of the Vapor line. Manufactured with Bauer’s lightest blade, the 1X Lite, X900 Lite, X700 Lite, and X600 Lite come in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes, featuring a VAPOR Low-Kick flex profile as well as a GRIPTAC grip finish.

Design with quickness in mind, they were built with a new Advanced Carbon Layering technology that uses strong internal carbon fiber layer in the blade, making them 15 grams lighter than their predecessors. Additionally, these NHL ice hockey sticks use Bauer’s QRT+ technology, which provides an increased blade stability while allowing you to have more control over the puck. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that these Bauer ice hockey sticks were put togheter using a single molding process called the Monocomp technology, which improves balance and performance.

If you’re ready to get your hands on one, you can buy it online from the official Bauer website.

Vapor 1X Lite Stick

Vapor 1X Lite Composite Ice Hockey Stick

Vapor X900 Lite Stick

Vapor X900 Lite Ice Hockey Stick by Bauer

Vapor X700 Lite Stick

Bauer Vapor X700 Lite Ice Hockey Stick

Vapor X600 Lite Stick

Bauer Vapor X600 Lite Ice Hockey Stick

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