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We are a team of young sports enthusiasts who understand that performance is directly influenced by equipment, apparel, and accessories.

While amateur players don’t necessarily need top-of-the-line sporting goods to stay healthy and enjoy great workouts, it never hurts to invest in high-quality equipment that can add extra comfort to all your training sessions.

For professional results, however, every detail counts. From sports brands to manufacturing technologies and materials, all factors need to be carefully taken into consideration.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision every time you need to buy new sports gear, by bringing all the latest news about sports equipment launches into one easy-to-browse place.

Even if you are not a professional athlete, choosing the best workout clothes, the most comfortable running shoes, and the highest-quality sporting gear can mean the difference between a rewarding workout session and a dreaded hour at the gym.

And it’s not only about comfort or performance, but also very much about how the right footwear, apparel, and equipment can make you feel about the whole experience.

Our Team

Madalina Salceanu

MadasFounder of Sportlaunches.com, Madalina channeled her passion for sports in a blog about sports apparel and equipment.

Madalina likes to research daily and discover the latest sportswear trends. Through this platform, she wanted to share her expertise with others and provide them with the best advice and tips in the field of sports equipment, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

She believes that anyone can enjoy any form of physical activity as long as they are equipped with equipment that offers them the necessary comfort.

Therefore, she wants to help everyone to have the same top-notch gear as those used by professional athletes – no matter their budget.

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Francesco Danny

DannyDanny is a professional when it comes to rugby. He graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and played rugby in Italy in amateur competitions.

Throughout his life, Danny studied physical activity and tried to surpass his own performance every time.

Mastering the rules, techniques, and secrets of rugby, Francesco loves to share his love for the sport with others. Not only that. He is committed to helping others start their sports career and reach their full potential.

On the blog, Danny writes about everything related to various contact sports such as boxing, MMA, and of course, rugby.

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Elly Logan

EllyElly is a real encyclopedia when it comes to footwear. She is a true sneakerhead with an impressive collection of over 150 sneakers. From the most iconic sneakers and classic shoes to the rarest ones, she doesn’t miss a single pair.

She not only collects a lot of shoes but knows all the details about each one.

Moreover, she will talk for hours if you ask her about the sneakers’ history, materials, features, and technology of different brands that have evolved over time.

Elly loves to stay on top of the game and keep up with the latest trends in the footwear world.

She loves to share her vast knowledge with others who are new or novices in the sneakers world.

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Adi Pop

Adi PAdi is a passionate boxing enthusiast with 15 years of experience in training and contributing to the development of young talents into qualified professionals.

His passion for boxing began in middle school when he was looking for various activities to entertain himself. With a simple beginning, boxing managed to completely enchant him.

Adi’s commitment to excellence always makes him work harder to perfect his techniques and knowledge. He likes to get up and run a few kilometers every morning or spend his free time doing a heavy bag workout or a sparring session.

With years of accumulated knowledge, Adi shares his knowledge of all things boxing with readers worldwide.

He knows what kind of gear is right for any level of fighter – whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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Dave Grayson (Contributor)

I was always the kid who could not stay put for more than two consecutive seconds. So naturally, my parents decided to make everyone’s life easier by paying for all sorts of sports classes that could successfully burn my excess energy in a healthy way.

I’ve always enjoyed all sports and I cannot imagine my life without at least four days a week of physical activity.

As a natural result of my active lifestyle, finding great sports equipment, workout clothes, and comfortable shoes is a prime priority for me.

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Jackson (Editor)

I wasn’t always a sporty guy, and for most of my life, the only exercise I got was walking my dog twice a day.

That wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough either and one day I decided I needed to do something about my fitness level, which was pretty lamentable by every standard.

It took me a while to start to really enjoy the gym, and one thing that really helped me stay motivated was having the right equipment and feeling more like a pro because of that.

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The Lazy Prince

The Lazy PrinceFounder at doing nothing. His success is due to sleep, quality food, and very long walks.

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