Adidas’ Ace 15+ And X 15+ Receive Black And White Colorways

2015 was an incredible year for football, with countless exciting matches being played all over the world. However, unlike other years, this one saw the rise of two pure types of football players, namely one that causes chaos and one that always likes to keep things in control. These two types of players are represented by two adidas silhouettes named X 15+ and Ace 15+, both of which have received incredible black and white colorways.

The X15+ Primeknit comes with a black upper and an X-CAGE element that features a gray camouflage look. Since it was meant to represent chaos, this shoe flaunts flouro pink laces as well as shock mint adidas logo inserted on the heel.

As for the ACE 15+ Primeknit, it boasts a white heel counter, collar padding and a 3D control upper in matte black. The stud configuration of this model ensures improved traction during foot-over-ball moves, which means that it allows the wearer to remain in control of the ball even during the most intense matches.

ACE 15+ Primeknit by Adidas Black- White ACE 15+ Primeknit Adidas Black-White ACE 15+ Primeknit by Adidas adidas ACE 15+ Primeknit Core Black Black-White ACE 15+ Primeknit Adidas Black-White ACE 15+ Primeknit Adidas X 15+ Primeknit Black-White X 15+ Primeknit by Adidas Adidas Black-White X 15+ Primeknit, Tongue Adidas Black-White X 15+ Primeknit Adidas Black-White X 15+ Primeknit, Sole

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