adidas and Continental Launch Terrex X-King Trail Running Shoes

If trail running is your thing, you need to have a look at the new Terrex X-King shoes. The adidas trail running shoe was developed together with Continental, which is one of those collaborations that first surprise you and then you realize that it actually all makes a lot of sense.

Terrex X-King Trail Running Shoes by Adidas

The initiative started from the realization that trail running is very similar to mountain biking in the sense that both sports require a high level of control, as well as excellent grip. Continental is pretty much synonymous with super advanced tire making technologies, and the two brands decided to use the highly popular X-King tires for inspiration.

As a result, the Terrex X-King shoes are outfitted with ground-piercing lugs that ensure a secure grip, thus reducing the risk of ankle injuries. The removable insoles add extra support without affecting the overall comfort and lightness of the shoe.

Adidas Terrex X-King Trail Running Shoes Terrex X-King Trail Running Shoes

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