Adidas Unveils Its Crazylight 2016 Basketball Shoe

As far as basketball shoes are concerned, Adidas is definitely one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, and it looks like the company has decided to release a brand new low-top shoe this year, one that incorporates impressive technologies. These include full-length BOOST cushioning, which was implemented for the first time on a basketball shoe.

The design was inspired by the stop-motion gameplay of NBA superstars, and so it is able to support quick footwork, sudden stops and unexpected shifts in direction. Apart from the BOOST cushioning, the product also impresses with a reengineered herringbone-styled traction system based on Continental rubber and a loaded sprint plate. The silhouette flaunts a TPU forefoot roll cage, while an integrated fit cuff guarantees snug comfort.

Solar Red

Adidas Crazylight 2016 Basketball Shoe Solar Red Basketball Shoes by adidas Adidas Crazylight 2016 Red Basketball Shoe Crazylight 2016 Basketball Shoe by Adidas adidas Crazylight 2016 Solar Red, Sole adidas Crazylight 2016 Solar Red Basketball Shoes by adidas Crazylight 2016

Triple White

Crazylight 2016 Triple White by AdidasTriple White Basketball Shoes by adidas adidas Crazylight 2016 Triple White, Heel TaB adidas Crazylight 2016 Triple White adidas Triple White Basketball Shoes Basketball Shoes by adidas, Triple wHITE Crazylight 2016 Triple White Shoes by adidas Sole, adidas Crazylight 2016 Triple White

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