Adidas Unveils The X15+ SL Football Boots

Adidas has decided to release an updated version of its X15 football boots, namely the X15+ SL model, which comes with a series of game-changing improvements. These improvements include a ne X-CAGE with a shine-through TPU material, as well as a lightweight design that ensures a total weight of just 204g per boot.

X15+ SL Football Boots by Adidas

X15+ SL Football Boots

The TECHFIT COLLAR sock construction envelops the ankle just right for a plus of support, while an X-CLAW base guarantees exceptional traction. Another noteworthy addition is the X-SKIN, which provides amazing ball control in all conditions. X-SKIN was created using a composite material with 3 layers, namely a skin lining for comfort, an engineered base layer for performance and a transparent protection layer.

Adidas X15+ SL Football Boots

adidas X15+ SL White-Shock Blue Football Boots
X15+ SL Football Boots by Adidas, Heel Tab
X15+ SL Football Boots by Adidas, Side

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