5 Adidas Knee Pads For Wrestling

If you are a true fan of the famous Adidas brand and you want to add to your collection a pair of Adidas wrestling knee pads, then look no further.

I understand that staying true to your favorite brand is important for you. That’s why I compiled the best wrestling knee pads from Adidas, which are the ultimate must-have for wrestling athletes. These are top-of-the-line knee pads from the brand, which will help you show off your skills while diving hard in the game.

No more endless searching, knee bruises, or pain!

Check my selection of Adidas wrestling knee pads and let’s figure out together which one could be suitable for you.

1. Adidas aK100 Wrestling Knee pad

The Adidas aK100 wrestling knee pads come in a minimalist design and a solid black color. They have the Adidas logo on the sides and three white vertical lines on the back.

These black knee pads are made of sturdy but elastic lycra that gives a smooth feeling to the skin. They are incredibly lightweight, and in the back they have a mesh that even allows for optimal airflow, providing a breathable experience. No more sweaty knees for sure!

Of course, they need some time to break in, after which they will be comfortable. You will definitely appreciate the sock-like fit they offer. The padding is moderate, not very bulky but not very thin. Nevertheless, it is a durable one that does not fall apart or break into tiny pieces over time.

If you want to wash them, don’t rush to throw them in the washing machine. I would advise you to place them in cold water mixed with soap and gently handwash them. Then, let them dry naturally. You will see that they keep their shape, will smell awesome, and be ready for the new wrestling session.

The last important thing that I need to mention here is that these Adidas wrestling knee pads are sold individually, meaning each pad is sold separately.

adidas aK100 Wrestling Kneepad

2. Adidas Unisex-Adult Elite Knee Pad

These Adidas Unisex-Adult Elite Knee Pads deliver exactly what they promise. Made from polyester mixed with viscose and elastodien, they are flexible enough to take the shape of the leg, but also durable to last a long time. In addition to elasticity, the material also offers good breathability. Your knees will be able to breathe as they should so that not much sweat accumulates.

But, there will always be a normal amount of sweat on the skin, in any case, the tailored fit of these knee pads does not allow them to slip on or turn on the leg. So, no worries because not a lot of slippage will happen during your practice.

Also, I must mention that they do not limit your ability to bend your leg and they do not fold at the back during training.

The amount of coverage of these pads is optimal, covering quite well both the upper and lower part of the knees. Their padding is of medium thickness – not too bulky, offering good protection when diving or hitting the floor.

The first time they are worn, they feel a bit tight, but after the break period, they fit better and are more comfortable.

They are sold in a pair of two knee pads.
Adidas Unisex-Adult Elite Knee Pad

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult Primeknit Knee Pad

No more bruised knees with these Adidas Unisex-Adult Primeknit knee pads. They take good care of your knee during practice and games and meet all your expectations.

Available in white and black, they have a relatively simple design with the Adidas logo on the front of the pad. The pads feature contoured memory foam padding that has a gel insert for a cushioned experience and superior protection. It absorbs impacts from hard falls and reduces any potential bruising.

The outer fabric is made of polyester, which, although durable and resistant, is a little rough in contact with the skin. Although the material is not soft, the fit they offer is excellent and very snug.

They are machine washable and come in a pair of two. Some customers say that these knee pads run small, so keep this in mind when choosing the size.

Adidas Wrestling Knee Pads – Color: Black/White
Adidas Unisex-Adult Primeknit Wrestling Knee Pad Black
Adidas Wrestling Knee Pads – Color: White/White
Adidas Unisex-Adult Primeknit Wrestling Knee Pad White

4. Adidas Unisex-Adult 5 Inch Knee Pad

The Adidas Unisex-Adult 5 Inch Knee Pads come with a low profile and a sleeve height of 5 inches.

I would recommend them more for those who already have experience with wearing knee pads because the height offered, although it covers enough of the knees, is not the most suitable for beginners. With this remark in mind, let’s move on to the features.

These knee pads have a tight fit but offer a full range of motion. The polyester and viscose material makes them sit well on the leg. They do not have a tendency to slide down or to fold. Where they are put on, they stay like that throughout the course of physical activity

The pads’ padding is made with Adiprene EVA which has shock-absorbing properties and is engineered to offer optimal cushioning and protection. The amount of padding though is not really a thick one. It is relatively thin, which is not really recommended if you dive hard on the mat.

Overall, these Adidas knee pads for wrestling are comfortable, soft, easy to maintain, and have no issues rolling down the leg.
Color: Black
Adidas Unisex-Adult 5 Inch Knee Pad Wrestling - Color Black
Color: White
Adidas Unisex-Adult 5 Inch Knee Pad Wrestling - Color White

5. Adidas Adipower Leg Sleeve Black

Another cool option of Adidas knee pads for wrestling is the AdiPower Wrestling padded leg sleeve. These pads are constructed with the needs of the wrestler in mind and ensure great protection while remaining breathable and lightweight.

The incorporated Climacool technology promotes air circulation, providing a breathable and comfortable experience.

They have a low-profile design and feature shock-absorbing EVA foam padding. The design and the padding of these pads work together to offer cushioning and protection. The FleXplate pads are positioned in front to protect the knee.

They are not bulky but have a moderate level of padding that is fully maintained throughout wear. Still, the cushioning offered is excellent. They do not tend to roll and offer optimal freedom of movement.

Unlike the others presented above, they have a thinner material that tends to break in case of intense wear. By wearing them you’re able to stay comfortable and safe during every training session.

The pads do not come as a pair of two. Each of them is sold individually.

Adidas Adipower Black Knee Pad Wrestling

In the other top of wrestling knee pads, I presented you with a sixth option of Adidas wrestling knee pads.

Have you got any favorites so far? Do you own one of these knee pads already?

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