The Adidas X 15 Cleat Receives A Menace Pack

It’s no big secret that some football players prefer to adopt a more chaotic style on the field, and it looks like adidas is very much aware of this fact as well. Dedicated to the most dangerous players in the world, the adidas X 15 cleat has received brand new customization options as part of the miadidas Menace Pack. This means that players are able to select from a generous array of colorways for this particular model.

Adidas X 15 Cleat Receives A Menace PackVIEW IN GALLERY
Adidas X 15 Football ShoesVIEW IN GALLERY

The Menace Pack adorns the shoe’s X-SKIN upper with several explosive prints and colors in order to make sure that the player never leaves the spotlight during a match. The splatter graphic that you’re admiring right now represents the speed of turn and lightning quick reaction times of an X 15 player.

miadidas Menace Pack, Football CleatsVIEW IN GALLERY
Sole, Adidas X 15 Cleat Menace PackVIEW IN GALLERY
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