adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit Wrist-Based Heart Monitor

Developed specifically for the P.E. class, this is the first adidas wrist-based heart rate monitor, and it was created in collaboration with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT). Called the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit, the device is easy to use and features a cloud-based curriculum and assessment management system that will prove incredibly useful for K-12 P.E. teachers.

adidas ZONE Wrist-Based Heart Monitor

The monitor is an excellent tool for one-on-one coaching, as it allows teachers to pay special attention to each student’s physical particularities and fitness levels. Determined to eliminate one-size-fits-all programs that benefit some students and put others in a hugely disadvantageous position, IHT and adidas are actively working towards making sports more attractive and engaging for all youth.

The goal is to empower young people to take control of their personal fitness ad encourage the newer generations to make physical exercise a vital part of their lifelong lifestyle. Developed by collaborating closely with students, teachers, school administrators and parents, the adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit monitor is a comprehensive tool that will prove a truly reliable partner in the effort to up students’ health levels.

Using the device allows teachers to easily monitor and manage both an entire class and one-on-one sessions with their students. Some of the device’s best features include impressive power and memory that can keep up with super crammed school schedules, tap-and-go synch capabilities, and a sturdy, reliable build that makes it perfectly fit for demanding sports activities.

Adidas Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor

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