Amazing Wilson X Connected Basketball

Basketball is surely not a complicated sport, at least not to watch, but it definitely has its subtleties, many of which can only be observed by a trained eye. However, thanks to amazing gadgets such as the Wilson X Connected Basketball, all players can now keep track of their shooting performance without too much effort. The ball links with a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and it provides information regarding total time spend playing, the amount of shots taken and the number of scored points.

Wilson X Connected Basketball

In order to allow the ball to pair up with the phone, players need only to toss it in the air and let it land once. Designed to work best with a 10-foot hoop, the smart ball can also work nicely on an 8-foot hoop, and it is powered by a battery that can last for 100,000 shots. However, once the battery runs out, players can get in touch with the ball’s creators and ask for a replacement. It’s also worth noting that the ball talks to the player during practice runs and is able to reproduce crowd noises.

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