Anti-Clog Traction Technology from Nike

Nike is committed to helping football players perform at full capacity at all times, regardless of weather conditions. One of the most dreaded common enemies for footballers has always been mud, which on rainy days tends to clog up their boots, reduce performance and force them to play extra cautiously.

With Nike’s football boots, all that is going to be a thing of the past. Clanking shoes together to get rid of the accumulated mug will no longer be a problem. Solving this issue was actually a much more difficult task than we would have thought, which is why it hasn’t been done until now.

Anti-Clog Traction Technology from NikeNike Anti-Clog Traction

It took two years of planning, development and testing, as well as working with a number of PhDs with high expertise in chemistry, engineering and materials science. The challenge was great, but so was the satisfaction at the end of the project.

The new Nike Anti-Clog Traction sole plates use a counterintuitive method to ensure that mud does not accumulate on the boot: they are hydrophilic – not water repellant as expected – which means that they work with the water in the mud to create a lubricous layer without compromising on traction. So if you are looking for a new pair of men’s football boots, we suggest you start with these ones.

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