Under Armour Men’s 5-Pad Camo Foootball Shirt

Durable, lightweight and waterproof, the Under Armour Men’s Camo Integrated Compression Shirt is a must-have for every dedicated football player. It was designed to ensure protection in the exact spots that you most need it thanks to its integrated spine, ribs and shoulder pads.

Under Armour Men’s Compression Shirt Men’s Compression Shirt by Under Armour

The HeatGear® Sonic compression fabric does not compromise your mobility at all, and you don’t have to worry about annoying friction either, as the pads are seam-free and smoothly welded. With this Under Armour men’s compression shirt you also get longer-lasting freshness thanks to its anti-odor treatment that prevents bacteria growth.

Other features include the UA signature moisture transport system, which effectively wicks away sweat, a comfortable four-way stretch, a muscle-recovery-promoting compression fit, and a cool camo print for a more battle-ready feel.

Under Armour Men’s 5-Pad Camo Foootball Shirt Men’s 5-Pad Camo Foootball Shirt by Under Armour

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