Under Armour SF Flash FG Women’s Soccer Cleats

The SF Flash FG is a high-quality pair of Under Armour women’s soccer cleats that impresses with an ideal combination between durability, lightness and grip. It features a lightweight performance synthetic upper that improves speed and ball control, while a die-cut sockliner guarantees just the right amount of cushioning during intense matches.

SF Flash FG Women's Soccer Cleats by Under Armour Under Armour SF Flash FG Women's Soccer Cleats

Traction and durability are ensured by a set of TPU studs that match the upper’s colorway. Speaking of which, this shoe comes in a unique combination of black and baby blue, while the Under Armour logo adorns the sides and the outsole.

Under Armour women's soccer cleats, Sole Under Armour women's soccer cleats

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