Asics Lethal Tackle Rugby Boots

Created for hardcore players, hard tackles and intense matches, these Asics men’s rugby boots will not let you down. They are the Asics Lethal Tackle boots and they are tough, extra durable, and totally reliable. The rough metal studs provide the serious grip that your feet need on the field, while the intelligently designed sole and upper ensure a perfectly comfortable wear throughout the game.

Asics Lethal Tackle Rugby Boots

With enhanced durability and cushioning, the Solyte® midsole is lighter than the standard SpEVA® and EVA ones, and the 10 mm height difference between forefoot and heel gives an optimal biomechanical position, enhancing forward motion and reducing impact on hamstrings, calves, achilles tendon and back.

The sockliner is moulded to the natural shape of the foot, but it can be easily removed and replaced with a medical orthotic if necessary. The spikes are also removable, allowing you to customize their configuration and quickly replace any worn-out pieces.

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