Awesome Adidas Y-3 Noci 003 Is Inspired By Blade Runner

Blade Runner – now that was an awesome sci-fi film, not just because many are still watching it and enjoying it to this day, but also because it still serves as a good source of inspiration for various apparel pieces and footwear. The Y-3 collection by adidas already includes some pretty impressive silhouettes, and the Y-3 NOCI 003 by Yohji Yamamoto is definitely no exception.

Y-3 Noci 003 Sneaker by Adidas

Adidas Y-3 Noci 003 Is Inspired By Blade Runner

We’re looking at a superb ultra high top that features a plethora of elastic bands and zippers that complement a combination of mesh and premium leather. The midsole boasts shades of light blue and white, while the upper is completely black with red touches. The shoe was inspired by both Blade Runner and A Clockwork Orange, and it definitely looks like it belongs in a dystopian world.

Adidas Y-3 Noci 003 Sneaker, Details Adidas Y-3 Noci 003 Sneaker Blade Runner adidas Y-3 NOCI 003

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