Awesome DH6-X Full Face Helmet by Predator

Boasting modern safety features and reliable materials, the Predator DH6-X Full Face Helmet is better suited for those of you who prefer to perform stunts on skateboard, as it is capable of providing outstanding protection. Weighing in at just 875g, this product is CE certified and comes with three thickness of cheek pads that ensure a super tight fit. It also features a full carbon fiber composite shell that impresses with extreme sturdiness and lightness.

Awesome DH6-X Full Face Helmet by Predator

In order to minimize the risk of head injury, this helmet also includes a double D-ring chin-strap closure, which guarantees a perfect fit and maximum safety. Another highlight is that this product has large front vents, which improve airflow while minimizing fogging, as well as rear oriented ear slots, which provide adequate hearing protection. Unlike the previous model – the DH6 – this one offers more protection of the jaw bone and the lower center area at the back. Moreover, the mirror and clear visor feature interior anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, while the EPS foam liner ensures exceptional protection. The DH6-X Full Face Helmet by Predator comes in a single colorway, and it cost just $450.

DH6-X Full Face Helmet by Predator Predator DH6-X Full Face Helmet

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