Bauer Will Launch Its Bauer Re-Akt 75 Helmet In 2016

Set to hit the stores in 2016, the Bauer Re-Akt 75 helmet will represent a more affordable alternative to previous Re-Akt products, but this doesn’t mean that it will sacrifice on quality and reliability. It will feature a suspended liner system and foam of multiple densities, including XRD foam that’s known for its ability to manage impact better when compared to standard materials. Other noteworthy technologies include Seven+, which includes a series of structural foam cylinders inserted in important areas in order to keep the wearer safe during repeated impacts.

Bauer Re-Akt 75 Helmet In 2016

As far as looks are concerned, the Bauer Re-Akt 75 will match a variety of head shapes thanks to its two-piece shell, which can be customized accordingly. The helmet and its customizable vents will be offered in 180 different color combinations, which is a pretty big deal considering the fact that players always want their helmets to match the rest of their gear.

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