Bauer ice hockey goalie pads

Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N Goal Pad

One of the most reliable Bauer ice hockey goalie pads is the 1S OD1N Goal Pad, which provides improved rebound control thanks to its seamless C.O.R. Tech construction. The product also offers 49 percent better slideability when compared to the NXG model, as it features a much lighter build. VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY … Read more

2017 NEXUS 1N Stick

Nexus 1N Composite Stick By Bauer

Bauer’s new 2017 NEXUS 1N Stick is a championship-ready composite stick that boasts a new control shaft geometry as well as enhanced sweet spot technology. This means that you’ll be ready to load your shots easier and perform better than ever before, all thanks to the product’s advanced technologies and premium construction. The Control Shaft … Read more

Padded Goalie Base Layer Pant By Bauer

Padded Goalie Base Layer Pant By Bauer

Designed specifically to meet the expectations of goalies, the Bauer hockey base layer pant incorporates one of the brand’s most amazing technologies, namely 37.5 Technology. This unique material was scientifically proven to improve performance at all times, whether you’re training or actually playing. The material supports sweat evaporation, and it also helps remove it from … Read more