Beach Time With This New AVP Game Volleyball by Wilson

This is the ultimate volleyball to dominating the beach in 2018.

And let us be clear about something.

This is really not an ordinary volleyball.

Instead, you’re going to see an innovative product that should be a part of your volleyball equipment.

Built to meet the standards of the AVP, the brand new Wilson volleyball impresses with reliability, high-quality materials and outstanding designs that allow it to stand out.

It was created using premium microfiber composite leather that guarantees greater resistance to dirt, while its overall construction offers strong durability and shape retention. Moreover, it features new colorful graphics that enhance ball spin detection, as well as 18-panel, hand-sewn expert construction, which increases control and wind resistance.

Speaking of control…

This ball also incorporates Performance Elastomer Bladder that gives it incredible grip and optimal ball pressure in all weather conditions.

New AVP Game Volleyball by Wilson New Wilson volleyball Volleyball by Wilson

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