This Bike Bag Will Keep Your Smartphone Dry At All Times

Smartphones have taken on a very important role in our daily lives, as they assist us with a variety of activities, including shopping, working out, communicating and keeping up with the latest news. That’s why it’s very important to take good care of these fragile and sometimes expensive devices, especially if we use bicycles to get around.

ArcEnCiel mountain road bike bag

The ArcEnCiel mountain road bike bag is an awesome accessory that can definitely make our lives easier, as it includes a clear transparent PVC window designed for mobile phones with screens of up to 5.5 inches. The product can be installed on all kinds of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes or fast riding bikes, and it is actually composed of two bags that are stitched with polyester fabric for extra durability. Both sides of the bags have reflective tapes, which enhances safety when riding at night. Once inside the special pouch, smartphones are kept safe from dust and humidity, which is incredibly convenient.

Bike Bag for Smartphone Mountain Road Bike Bag by ArcEnCiel, Details Mountain Road Bike Bag by ArcEnCiel Mountain Road Bike Bag for Smartphone

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