Boxing Outfit – The Complete Gear List

Being a contact sport that involves a lot of stamina and leg control, boxing should only be practiced with special equipment that meets the sport’s requirements.

If you are not properly equipped, the chances of getting injured increase.

That’s why you should create a boxing outfit that will help you to be successful in the ring.

Boxing Outfit
Boxing Outfit

Creating a boxing outfit involves choosing the essential pieces of boxing apparel and equipment that ensure comfort, safety, protection, and support during practice and competition.

In today’s article, we break down all the key pieces of boxing gear that do not have to be overlooked when building a boxing outfit.

From shoes to hand wraps, we cover all that needs to be purchased to practice this physically demanding sport safely and achieve outstanding performance.

Boxing Gloves

One of the characteristic elements of this sport is wearing gloves. The boxing gloves are a crucial piece of boxing equipment without which you cannot even train. They were created to fulfill a single role: to provide maximum protection not only to the wearer but also to the opponent.

During training and fights, your hands and wrists are the areas most exposed to fractures and injuries due to repeated and forceful blows.

The gloves have padding on the inside that tries to absorb the force of the impacts, thus reducing the risk of injuries and accidents. The same padding inside the glove also protects the opponent. The padding reduces the force of the fist, and at the same time, the risk of serious injuries is minimized.

Red Boxing Gloves
Red Boxing Gloves

In addition to the superior protection, they can be used to complete a boxing outfit. The gloves come in a wide variety of colors like black, white, and many more bold and vibrant colors. In the end, it only depends on you what vibe you want to inspire. For example, a pair of black boxing gloves add a touch of sophistication. The red boxing gloves show everyone your burning passion for boxing and increase your visibility on the court, while a pair of white boxing gloves will emphasize your fresh start and fairness in the game.

All White Boxing Gloves
All White Boxing Gloves

To be 100% safe and effective, the gloves must fit the boxer’s hand and agree with his weight. So, before purchasing a pair, it is advisable to inform yourself on how to choose the best boxing gloves and consult a boxing glove size chart for weight.

But that’s not all, there are a few other aspects that you can find out about in order to make a good decision. In the journey of choosing your best boxing gloves, you should also consider the material from which they are made.

Black Boxing Gloves
Black Boxing Gloves

Some of the gloves are made of leather typically from cowhide, or pigskin, and others are made of materials such as polyurethane or PVC. Keep in mind that leather boxing gloves are actually more expensive than synthetic gloves, but they are more durable.

The synthetic ones may wear out faster and you may have to replace them frequently. But, if you’re a beginner and you’re not used to the feeling of wearing them, it’s better to give a pair of synthetic materials a chance the first time because it offers you greater breathability.

When it comes to the weight of the gloves, you have to see how you plan to use them. If you think you will spend more time sparring, you can choose a heavier weight.

Just remember that heavier gloves require more effort from your muscles while sparring. If you only plan to train then you can choose the lightest boxing gloves. The lower the weight, the more stamina you will have to throw punches for a longer time.

There are many brands such as Everlast, Grant, Venum, Adidas, Rival, or Title, which are famous in the boxing market for their gloves with top-notch material and innovative technologies.

Each brand is differentiated by design, pattern, technology, and materials. For example, the Everlast boxing gloves are the choice of many athletes due to their high-quality materials, the Title boxing gloves are known for their excellent padding foam, while the Grant boxing gloves are recognized for their unique designs.

Boxing Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to box or if you’ve been training for a few years, you need boxing shoes. They are another essential piece of equipment for any athlete active in boxing.

Some beginners often wonder why they should invest in a special pair of shoes. It is possible that some are just trying to see if this activity is suitable for them.

Either way, we get it! You might ask yourself what is special about boxing shoes or do boxing shoes make a difference in the ring or everyday practice. The answer is yes, boxing shoes are special since they are designed specifically for this contact sport, and yes, they do make a difference.

Therefore, boxing is not a physical activity in which you can train with any casual or street type of shoes.

Top Boxing Shoes

Being a contact sport, you need a pair of shoes that offer extra support, grip, and stability. When you throw punches with power, you need something to support you and keep you on your feet. That’s why boxing shoes feature a durable rubber that offers the necessary grip and control over the feet.

Moreover, boxing shoes are much more lightweight than normal shoes. Their low weight helps the boxer to be agile and make quick movements in the ring to avoid the opponent.

When you choose a pair of boxing shoes, you must take into account some factors such as fit, arch support, the amount of cushioning and breathability, and their durability. The most important thing is that they feel natural on the foot and offer a great fit. For this, you have to consider your feet’ structure.

Some athletes have narrower legs, but there are some who have wider ones. If it happens to be part of the second case, then you must search for a pair of wide toe box shoes. The boxing shoes for wider feet will give you that extra space for your toes to move freely and naturally.

Asics, Adidas, Everlast, Nike, and Reebok are world-known brands that have their own technologies that contribute to better performance and comfort.

If you choose a pair of Asics boxing shoes then you will benefit from their GEL cushioning and Trusstic System technologies.

Asics Boxing Shoes
Asics Boxing Shoes

The Adidas boxing shoes are ready to introduce you to the AdiWear and Adiprene cushioning technologies, while Everlast boxing shoes provide you with outstanding memory foam and non-slip outsole.

As for a pair of Nike boxing shoes, these will impress you with Zoom Air and Flywire technologies.

Boxing Mouthguards

Boxing Mouthguards
Boxing Mouthguards

Boxing mouthguards are specialized boxing elements that can be worn by boxers to increase protection. They are worn in the mouth and secure and protect both the athlete’s teeth and gums.

It is recommended that even beginners wear such protective devices because amateurs wear lighter boxing gloves that do not have enough padding to cushion the shock of the impact. A lighter boxing glove causes more injuries than a heavier one.

Made of an elastic and flexible material, the mouthguards hug your teeth and protect them from the impact of fists. To benefit from their advantage, you must wear one that fits well on your teeth.

There are several types of mouthguards on the market. Some are valid in different sizes. Others are made of a special material that you have to heat, put in your mouth, and press with your teeth to mold and form the shape of your teeth.

The last type of mouthguard is the one made by orthodontists. These specialists can create a customized mouthguard according to the shape and size of your teeth.

Boxing Shorts & Trunks & Briefs

At the bottom of the boxing outfit, you can choose between boxing shorts or trunks and underneath a pair of boxing briefs.

Before going further, let’s see the difference between boxing trunks and shorts, so you can easily decide what’s perfect for you.

Although both look quite similar, shorts and trunks have some differences when it comes to length, fit, style, and coverage. Boxing trunks have a longer length than shorts. The trunks usually reach the knee, while the shorts can also reach the middle of the thigh or even above the knee.

Therefore, the trucks offer greater coverage than boxing shorts. Moreover, the shorts offer a more relaxed and looser fit, while the trunks have a more secure and fitted fit. As for the style, if you want to get a more traditional outfit, you can choose a pair of trunks because shorts add a stylish note to the final look.

Whether you choose a pair of trunks or shorts, you need some boxing briefs underneath. These are a type of underwear specially crafted for contact sports such as boxing, MMA, and wrestling.

Boxing briefs differ from normal briefs by their length. They have a longer length than normal briefs that can reach the mid-thigh or just below the knee. Their main role is to increase the athlete’s comfort by reducing chafing, irritation, and sweating.

Thus, the boxer feels dry and cool thanks to the moisture-wicking material, and the skin remains healthy and without any damage.

Boxing Robe

A boxing robe is a clothing item used by athletes before and after fights to prevent the muscles from cooling down. It is vital that the muscles are warm during a sports activity. Warm muscles are more flexible, which reduces the chances of injury, while cold muscles are rigid and do not allow you a free range of motion.

Thus, a full-length boxing robe keeps the whole body warm from top to bottom. It is generally made of satin or silk, and it also offers a level of breathability to not encourage sweating.

Everlast Boxing Robes
Everlast Boxing Robes

When creating your boxing outfit, you can choose between a boxing robe with a hood or without one. The one with the hood will help you keep your neck and head muscles warm, while visually blocking the fun below. A boxing robe without a hood can also be a good choice for those who do not want additional warmth for the neck area.

The boxing robes come in various designs, like patterns, prints, or graphics. Some of them can even be customized with your own name or logo.

Boxing Sleeveless Ring Vest

Another piece of boxing clothing in a complete boxing outfit is the boxing sleeveless ring vest. The vest can be worn both during competitions and training.

The role of this piece of clothing is to keep the boxer comfortable. Also, it offers maximum support and coverage that helps keep the muscles in the upper body warm. It can feature a hood and padding for protection.

The boxing vests are made of moisture-wicking materials that absorb sweat and dry quickly for a natural feeling. It is a way to look cool and fashionable in the ring. They come with lots of designs, styles, graphics, and colors.

Boxing Headgear

The boxing headgear is a protective accessory that helps reduce the risk of head injuries. It is created with a hard and durable shell, and inside it has padding that offers protection by absorbing the shocks of the impact.

Moreover, it does not only cover the head, but in general, it also offers good padding in the area of the cheekbones, ears, and forehead.
Boxing Headgears

Lately, the level of protection offered by this type of accessory has been a controversial topic. Some consider it great for beginners because it protects them from impact and makes them more confident while training.

Others believe that boxing headgear offers false protection and does not prevent more serious injuries such as concussions or CTE. Due to this theory, headgear was not used during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Each organization and event has its own rules regarding the wearing of boxing headgear. It is good to inform yourself of these rules before fighting.

During training, it is up to you if you want to wear such an accessory. They are still good for reducing the risk of superficial damage such as black eyes, each damage, and bruises.

As options, you can choose an Adidas boxing headgear, a Title boxing headgear, a USA or a Winning boxing headgear.

Boxing Handwraps

Boxing hand wraps are important when boxing. Although they don’t look so spectacular, they should not be underestimated. These hand wraps are wrapped around the hand and wrist, fixing them well.

They are usually made from a stretchy and breathable material that favors airflow and ventilation for increased comfort. Your hands will be kept cool and dry because the material absorbs the sweat.

There is always a good idea to watch or read a step-by-step guide on how to wrap hand wraps for boxing before trying for the first time. If the process is not done properly, then you will not benefit from the advantages of this small piece of equipment.

However, if you use the hand wraps properly, your hand and wrist are stabilized and protected when boxing.

Boxing Body Protector

A boxing body protector can be used to protect the upper part of the body. This protective equipment has an exterior made of synthetic leather and an interior made of padded and foamy material that absorbs the shock of punches. It will also minimize the risk of deeper wounds.

The body protector boasts straps that can be adjusted to provide a secure fit when moving. If you are a beginner, you can choose to have such equipment to get used to the impact of the blows in a more pleasant way.

Ringside, Everlast, and Title have some of the best boxing body protectors.

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