Top Black Boxing Gloves That You Can Buy [Cheap and Expensive]

Boxing gloves come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. While all options are great, nothing compares to a pair of black boxing gloves.

Many consider that black color is a classic and practical one that you can use all the time. And they are right. Even in boxing, black gloves add a stylish and timeless vibe to your look.

Black Boxing Gloves
Black Boxing Gloves

The unique black coloring of these gloves gives them a classic yet modern appearance, perfect for any aspiring boxer looking to make a statement. Plus, they are versatile and less prone to showing dirt or other marks from extreme usage.

Our selection includes a variety of options, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones from the top brands. So, take a closer look at our list of best black boxing gloves and find your favorite pair.

1. Everlast Black Boxing Gloves

1.1 Everlast Elite Pro Style, 16 Oz

The Everlast Elite Training gloves will delight you with unmistakable quality and excellent performance.

These professional boxing gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather that will withstand the force of your fists for a long time. They come with cell foam technology that has the ability to absorb any shock and impact, keeping the weight of the glove low.

The EverCool mesh in the palm area encourages good ventilation that prevents you from sweating.

Their design is sleek and cool as they come in a black color with an interesting splash of yellow and white. Also, they have an hourglass shape that offers additional support to your wrist. You can hit with all your strength and your wrist is stabilized and comfortable.

Boasting wrist support, a good amount of padding, and durability, these boxing gloves are highly recommended for intermediate to professional boxers.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, Black, 16 OzEverlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves, Black, 16 Oz 1

1.2 Everlast 16 Oz

The Everlast 16 oz black boxing gloves are built from a mixture of polyurethane and polyester and have a superior construction for good support. In the area of the palms, they have a full mesh fabric that provides ventilation, so that your hands are dry and non-slippery during the activity.

The EverFresh anti-microbial treatment reduces the presence of bacteria and odors, while the grip cord and closed cell foam technology protect the hands by adding extra grip and padding.

However, these gloves do not have thick padding. Therefore, they are not recommended for those who like to hit with power or perform several heavy-bag sessions. Still, they have a good weight distribution and are perfect for people with smaller hands.

Everlast 16 Oz Boxing Glove BlackEverlast 16 Oz Boxing Glove Black 1

Low price

1.3 Elite V2 Training 8 Oz

Offering a perfect balance between power and protection, the Elite V2 Training Glove 8oz Black are the cheapest black boxing gloves on our list from Everlast.

They feature a simple one-piece design that guarantees enough space for your fist to feel natural. The gloves are very lightweight and are made of premium synthetic leather that delivers superior durability.

Due to their low weight, they are a good choice for beginner boxers who spend more time sparring. Your hands will be rested but also agile, and you will hit with precision.

The EverCool mesh palm facilitates breathability, so your hand will have good ventilation, reducing overheating.

These boxing gloves have a Velcro closure system that allows you to adjust them on your hands.

Elite V2 Training Glove 8oz Black

1.4 Everlast Pro Style Muay Thai

Designed for use in sparring sessions or heavy training, the Everlast Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves feature a sleek black design with the Everlast logo on the wrist and center of the glove.

Their synthetic leather material increases their longevity, while full mesh in the palm area regulates the temperature inside the glove, which can help prevent your hand from getting too hot or too cold.

These boxing gloves have padding, but not too much to make them heavy. They are great for beginners who are learning to box and are looking for lightweight boxing gloves that will not tire the muscles. For those with an advanced level, they are not suitable.

They do not have the extreme durability to withstand the tear of hardcore training sessions.

Everlast 12-Ounce Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves, Black

High price

1.5 Powerlock2 Pro Laced Training Gloves

The Powerlock2 Pro Laced Training Gloves are super classy and bring an elegant design to the boxing gloves universe. They are built with durability in mind, and their entire construction is made entirely of full-grain leather.

Your palms are ventilated for maximum temperature control during use, and the wrists have separate padding and a Turnback laced enclosure for supreme stability.

If you are a hard hitter, then these Everlast boxing gloves are for you.

The sturdy leather construction combined with the 5-layer Goam Core system offers high-level impact absorption and premium durability. These gloves allow you to hit with absolute power.

Your hands feel great, and your wrists are not overworked.

Powerlock2 Pro Laced Training Gloves

2. Adidas Black Boxing Gloves – Speed 50

These black boxing gloves from Adidas are adapted for training sessions suitable for beginner boxers.

They are made of premium polyurethane leather that offers an acceptable level of durability. Ventilated palms facilitate optimal moisture management. The resilient Velcro closing strap supports the wrist and makes them easy to put on and take off.

The classic black design with original accents such as the Adidas logo and stripes, make you look the best during your training sessions.

Being very light, these gloves are an excellent option for women and men. They have enough cushion to provide a light feel.

Plus, they provide enough space for both woman’s and a man’s hands, as well as a snug fit.

Adidas Boxing Gloves

3. TITLE Black Boxing Gloves

3.1 TITLE Classic Leather Lace Training

Featuring top quality 100% premium leather construction, these Title Classic Leather Lace 2.0 Training Gloves are available in three sizes 14, 16, and 18 oz.

Inside, the gloves have a molded foam with a good density for optimal shock absorption, while the lace attachment provides a secure fit.

The laces also help distribute the impact of hits more evenly across the glove.

These black boxing gloves from Title could be a solid choice for someone heavily muscled and tall.

They are sturdy and durable and can withstand even the heaviest knocks quite well.

TITLE Classic Leather Lace Training

3.2 TITLE Boxing Pro 3.0

For $70, these Title Boxing Pro Leather Speed Bag Gloves 3.0 will impress any experienced boxer.

They have a new design tailored for speed and light bag sessions, plus a durable full leather shell and satin nylon lining for high durability.

These Title boxing gloves are a solid choice for someone that boxes frequently.

The integrated shock-absorbing padding is quite thick and provides quite a bit of protection without ripping apart. You can definitely throw punches with confidence with these gorgeous black boxing gloves.

TITLE Boxing Pro 3.0

3.3 TITLE Boxing Instinct

TITLE Instinct Fitness Boxing Gloves are designed with 2 inches of Title Infused Sponge foam that provides maximum shock absorption and optimal support.

The palm area of these boxing gloves and the wrist are reinforced with foam inserts that help keep the wrist in a strong, stable position while adding comfort.

In addition to extra padding, these gloves feature moisture-wicking fabric in the lining to help prevent sweat build-up, as well as a hook and loop fastener for a customizable fit.

They might be the right fit for a beginner or intermediate boxer doing intense training sessions.

TITLE Boxing Instinct

3.4 Viper by TITLE Boxing

The premium leather fabric used in these black Title boxing gloves provides added durability, while the smooth labels on the 270-degree wrap closure provide excellent protection against hand cuts.

The ergonomic design supports your hand in a natural punching position, while the closed thumb hole prevents abrasions.

This Title option is affordable and a fantastic choice for boxers who appreciate a tighter fit.

It is not recommended for those who train every day.

Viper by TITLE Boxing

High price

3.5 TITLE Boxing Black Heavy Bag 2.0

If you’re willing to splurge on a top-of-the-line boxing glove, these are the most expensive black boxing gloves on our list from Title.

Made with high-grade matte leather and thick leather wrap-around strap, these gloves ensure superior wrist support and comfort even through the most challenging boxing sessions.

The interior lining helps to maintain dryness by regulating the temperature and moisture in the gloves.

But perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the articulated split thumb and wrist curvature that allow for greater flexibility in forming a tight fist.

The sturdy fabric makes them a good fit for professional boxers searching for a pair of gloves that can handle anything.

The durable leather will not allow them to tear or rip apart easily.

TITLE Boxing Black Heavy Bag Gloves 2.0

4. Ringside Black Boxing Gloves

High price

4.1 Ringside Cleto Reyes Lace

The Cleto Reyes Lace Ringside Gloves can withstand heavy use over time and are very popular in the boxing community due to their unmatched craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in Mexico from high-quality genuine leather, these boxing gloves last well over time and provide premium comfort.

They also offer plenty of cushioning for your hands, while the water-resistant nylon lining keeps you dry and comfortable while wearing the gloves.

The lacing system ensures they do not slip during fights or training sessions.

These black boxing gloves from Ringside are excellent for beginners as well as intermediate boxers.

They can be used without problems in heavy bags and sparring sessions.

The durability of these gloves is one of their outstanding features as many people have used them for a long time without any problems.

Ringside Cleto Reyes Lace 1Ringside Cleto Reyes Lace

4.2 Ringside Extreme Boxing Gloves

The Ringside Extreme Boxing Gloves have a special construction that fits both women and men super well.

They come with a synthetic leather-like fabric and an elastic wrist closure system that helps you get a secure fit.

The gloves sit properly on the hands, securing and stabilizing your wrist. Moreover, the gloves have good ventilation that promotes a comfortable and cool fit by reducing the accumulation of moisture.

The molded foam padding system and Velcro system make these gloves a great choice for those new to boxing and looking for a reliable glove.

Ringside Extreme Boxing Gloves

5. Venum Black Boxing Gloves

5.1 174 Venum Giant 3.0

We begin our selection of black Venum boxing gloves with the high-end Venum Giant 3.0, one of the most costly options on our list too.

These gloves are made from 100% Nappa leather, which is known for its softness and superior durability. In addition to the high-quality fabric, they have double seams that extend life even more.

The Velcro closure system and long cuffs provide wrist protection while allowing you to adjust them for excellent support. The triple-density foam also reduces the risk of injury from the shock of impacts.

They are highly recommended for those who train often, even up to 5 times a week.

The knuckle protection, the support, and the excellent fit keep your hand comfortable and pain-free even after an extreme workout.

Despite heavy use, these gloves have proven to be extremely durable.
Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing GlovesVenum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves 1

5.2 Venum Dragon’s Flight

The Venum Dragon’s Flight boxing gloves stand out because of their cool style.

The unique Asian dragon printed on the glove adds a touch of style to your boxing outfit. They boast increased durability thanks to premium PU leather and reinforced seams.

Their design with attached thumb minimizes the risk of thumb injuries and protects the opponent. The triple-density foam absorbs impacts and softens shocks to protect your hands.

If you have bigger hands and have problems finding gloves that offer enough space, you should try these Venum gloves.

Having a wider construction, they will comfortably hold larger hands, even the ones wrapped in wristbands.

Venum Dragon's Flight Boxing Gloves

Low price

5.3 Venum Contender 2.0

Made from a semi-leather fabric, the Venum Contender 2.0 are excellent starter gloves. Offering a great fit, these black boxing gloves from Venum are also the cheapest option of this brand from our top. Their density-injected foam protects your hands, while the large Velcro closure ensures better wrist protection and an improved fit for added comfort.

These gloves are suitable for those who are new to boxing training. However, they have a problem that many people relate to. Their durability is not the best. After a certain time, they start peeling off. So if you need a pair of gloves you can rely on, these may not be the best option for you. But if you are, as we’ve already mentioned, a novice and you don’t want to start spending a lot of money on equipment, then they are worth trying.
Venum Boxing Gloves Contender 2.0

Final Thoughts

As you can see, each boxing glove has its own characteristics, materials, and features.

These types of gloves are made for different levels of experience, frequency of use, and construction of the hand.

Some gloves have more space, being more suitable for those with larger hands, but also gloves that are a bit more expensive that last several years.

It is up to you to choose the gloves according to what you want.

We tried to cover as many pairs of black gloves as possible in our top.

Do you have a favorite from our list? Are you familiar with any of these gloves?

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