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In every boxing match, the boxers make their appearance on the way to the ring with a stylish boxing robe that inspires seriousness, and professionalism, but also a mystery, especially those who chose to wear one with a hood.

But does this boxing robe have a specific role? Or is it worn by boxers only for the spectacular look it gives?

For both questions, the answer is yes. Yes, it fulfills a role and is also worn for stylistic purposes.

The boxing robe, especially the hooded one, represents a tradition of this sport.

Everlast boxing robe
Everlast Boxing Robe

An example here is even a robe still present in the museum that belonged to Edwin “Red” Sabers of Dubuque in the 1940s. But, at the time, the boxing robes were a little different from today’s ones in terms of material. In those years, they were made of wool, but now they are mostly made of satin.

Boxing robes were created to provide additional warmth to the boxer’s body, especially in environments with lower temperatures or before a fight when the boxer warms the muscles and needs coverage to maintain the high temperature.

However, now, it is also used by boxers to show off their own personality, and style, and to add a sense of mystery and intimidation during the entrance.

If you also want a boxing robe to feel & look like a champ, I made a list for you. The list contains robes with and without hoods and different styles and lengths.

1. Boxing Robe With Hood

1.1 TITLE Pro Full-Length Robe

The option offered by TITLE features a full-length design that ensures proper coverage from shoulders to ankles.

Although the coverage is quite large, it keeps you warm without affecting your freedom of movement at all. The material is not itchy or stiff, but fluid and soft, which allows for a full range of motion and breathability, so you do not sweat either.

The robe comes with a hood and a tie, which you can adjust for a snug and secure fit.

This TITLE boxing robe comes in royal blue combined with the contrasting white color, but also in gold with black details.

Unfortunately, it cannot be customized, but it already boasts bold graphics like TITLE logos and a “TITLE Boxing” text on the back.
Color: Royal/White
TITLE Pro Full-Length Boxing Robe - Color Blue
Color: Gold/Black
TITLE Pro Full-Length Boxing Robe - Color Yellow

1.2 TITLE – USA Boxing Robe

With this American flag-boxing robe by TITLE you can show off your love for your country in the ring, but also outside of it.

The robe is made using a smooth, shiny fabric that feels like a second skin, soft and luxurious.

Its full-length design covers almost the entire body from shoulder to ankles, but its loose fitting allows you to move freely and easily.

The hood keeps your neck muscles warm during training, while the tie secures the robe on the body.

Although I write about this robe as being for boxing sessions, know that it is not just for the ring. It can be worn on occasions where you want to show off your patriotism like a Fourth of July party or patriotic parade.

Also, you can flaunt your American pride while hanging out around the home or supporting your favorite team in front of the TV.

American flag-boxing robe TITLE

1.3 CLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe

You will feel and look like a true champion with this satin boxing robe from Cleto Reyes.

This product is made in Mexico from a light and smooth satin. Thanks to this fabric and its oversized design, the robe feels so comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The hood also has front pockets and a belt that keeps the robe closed and secure around the waist.

What is cool about this product is the fact that you can customize it by adding text to the back area. So, this custom boxing robe will emphasize your style better in the fight.

Or, it can be turned into a very cool customized gift for those who love boxing or simply prefer to wear casual, loose clothes.

A note about the design though. In reality, the colors are the same as in the picture, but the material is matte and not shiny.

Color: Black/Gold
CLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe with Hood Color Black Gold
Color: Red/White
CLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe with Hood Color White Red

1.4 Fighting Sports – Full-Length Robe

The Fighting Full-Length Robe has everything you’re looking for in a boxing robe – a long design with three-quarter sleeves, vivid colors, plus a soft and stylish fabric that’s flexible and silky for optimal comfort.

It’s lightweight yet durable and will last if you hand wash it carefully. The robe also comes with a contrasting belt for an adjustable fit.

Its striking colors like red, black, and white will complement your style.
Fighting Sports - Boxing Full Length Robe

Low price

1.5 Carduran Robe

We couldn’t help but add this Carduran Boxing Robe for those with smaller budgets or those who don’t want to invest a lot.

It comes in three different colors sapphire blue, red, and red with yellow. Its material is sturdy but delicate.

If you want this robe to last longer, you should always hand wash it. The washing machine may damage or tear it apart.

It is a good choice for those who practice boxing, MMA, or kickboxing.

Due to its low price, some people prefer to buy this cheap boxing robe for Halloween.

So if you want to make a boxing costume for Halloween or different parties with themes, then you can definitely go for this one.

Carduran Boxing Robe

1.6 Leone Robe

If you are searching for a full black boxing robe or a full white boxing robe without contrasting trim colors, then Leone has what you are looking for.

The Leone’s robes are made only of top-notch satin. This fabric is known for its smoothness and softness, making it perfect for those who want a robe that feels great against their skin.

The robe has optimal coverage from the shoulder to above the knees, and a belt for quick and easy adjustment.

To complete the look, Leone added the classic element of a boxing robe: the hood. This will keep your neck muscles, ears, and head warm, but will also give you a sense of mystery.

Leone Boxing Robe
Use the official website if you want to buy this boxing robe from Leone.

2. Boxing Robe Without Hood

2.1 TITLE Boxing 3/4 Length Stock Satin Robe

With numerous boxing articles, TITLE also offers a boxing robe without a hood.

Unlike the ones with the hood presented above, this is a custom boxing robe. It can be personalized with the message you want on the back.

With a length of 3/4, this TITLE option is made from 100% satin, offering a light, soft, and delicate feeling. The seaming is high-quality, while the belt allows you to adapt it for a more fitted look, or a more relaxed fit.

This boxing robe without a hood from TITLE comes in a variety of colors like royal blue, black, blue, white, fully black, and a bit surprisingly even pink. TITLE is the only brand from the list that has available a pink boxing robe.

Although it is a great product, some customers complained that the sizes are smaller than usual. If you want to buy this one, you should add an extra size compared to the normal one you wear.
TITLE Boxing 3-4 Length Stock Satin Robe

2.2 Everlast Full-Length Boxing Robe

Everlast contributes to our list with a great boxing robe with a full-length design. But how does this robe differ from the others? Well, really, in terms of length, it doesn’t differ at all from the other robes.

However, this Everlast boxing robe without a hood features an increased shoulder width that offers a full range of motion and comfort. Also, its wide sleeve opening makes it easier to put on and take off.

This boxing robe is made of premium satin. The material feels silky and smooth. Despite its delicacy, it is very durable and long-lasting.

The robe comes in white with black, red with white, and yellow with black.
Everlast boxing robe
Use the official website if you want to buy this full-length boxing robe from Everlast.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this piece of boxing equipment is extremely versatile and functional.

The robe gives you comfort due to its lightweight and smooth fabric, as well as freedom of movement and sleek look.

Whenever you want to show off your champion spirit, you can just wear it – no matter where.

It can be around the house, on the way to the ring to the official fight, or on other occasions with various themes. Just put it on and enjoy!

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