Brand New adidas Tublar X Version Is Amazing

The adidas Tublar X is appreciated by sneakerheads from all over the world for its comfort and practicality, and thanks to this new version of it, it will soon be known for its luxuriousness as well. The shoe comes with a light navy base in leather as well as a two-tone mesh complemented by a neoprene tongue and a knitted forefoot adorned with red elements.

New adidas Tublar X Version adidas Tubular X Sneaker Premium Texture Heel Tab, adidas Tublar X Sneaker

The heel is perhaps one of the most eye-catching parts of this new Tubular X, as it boasts a translucent off-white look. Considering their outstanding looks and heritage, these awesome kicks will surely become highly coveted by numerous adidas fans. Will you be one of them?

Navy adidas Tublar X Sneaker Navy Tublar X Sneaker by Adidas Tublar X Sneaker by Adidas

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