Buy A Basketball Mouthguard To Protect Your Teeth and Gums

If you paid special attention to the athlete’s equipment during basketball matches, you surely noticed that some players prefer to wear a basketball mouthguard for protection.

Well, it might seem strange, but basketball is a contact sport after all. Although there is less physical contact than in other sports like hockey or soccer, players can get seriously injured during games.

Whether they are hit by the ball or collide with other players or objects on the field, sometimes it can lead to injuries.

Basketball Mouthguard
Basketball Mouthguard

Do basketball players wear mouthguards?

There are a lot of players who wear a basketball mouthguard. The choice to wear or not such an accessory on the court belongs exclusively to the player. At the NBA level, there is no rule stipulating the obligation to wear a basketball mouthguard.

In the past, some players had accidents and suffered injuries. The most recent example is Russell Westbrook, who lost a tooth during a game in 2021 when he was struck in the face by an opponent’s elbow. Other players that lost teeth are Dallas Mavericks Dennis Smith Jr in 2019, and Zaza Pachulia in 2018.

What players wear a basketball mouthguard?

Some of the most famous basketball players choose to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and mouth from injury.

Among them are former players such as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal, but also active players such as Steph Curry and LeBron James.

The benefits of wearing a basketball mouthguard

The main role of the basketball mouthguard is to protect the teeth and mouth from injury. A basketball game could have moments of tension where the athletes play more roughly. In those moments, players are at risk of being struck in the face or head by elbows, fists, or the ball.

However, a basketball mouthguard has several other benefits:

  • Reducing the risk of concussion – Basketball mouthguards absorb the shock of an impact, minimizing the risk of serious head injury.
  • Improving the player’s performance – Mouthguard offers superior protection to teeth and gums, which maximizes an athlete’s confidence on the court. Additionally, it improves breathing.
  • Cost-effective – Buying a basketball mouthguard is a more affordable investment than repairing or replacing a tooth.

Overall, the basketball mouthguard is a piece of equipment that will provide increased protection for your teeth and the entire mouth, so you can focus on your performance during the basketball game.

How comfortable is it to wear a basketball mouthguard?

Wearing a basketball mouthguard is quite comfortable. The only thing to be careful about is to choose one that suits you and gives you a great fit.

The basketball mouthguard should not be too tight. This can cause you discomfort that distracts you from your game. Also, the tightness of it can lead to breathing difficulties.

A loose mouthguard will not do too much for you either. It will slip around in your mouth, cause discomfort, and not offer you any protection. Players should try on different types of mouthguards and choose the one that fits and feels the best.

If you have not worn a basketball mouthguard until now, then maybe you should not try to wear it the first time on the court directly. It is recommended to start by wearing it outside training sessions and games in order to get used to the feeling. Try to wear it in your free time or around the house. After you think you’ve gotten used to wearing it, you can use it on the court.

Wearing a basketball mouthguard is also beneficial for players who wear braces or have other dental appliances such as crowns, bridges, or retainers

Types of basketball mouthguards

There are three types of basketball mouthguards on the market that offer protection and superior shock absorption to players. The stock mouthguards are the already-shaped ones, which you can wear directly after purchase. They are an affordable solution, but they may not offer the best fit.

Then, there are the boil-and-bite mouthguards that are crafted from a thermoplastic material. This type of mouthguard must be heated first. Heating will make it flexible and pliable. After it is heated, the player must put it in his mouth and bite into the material. Just like that, a perfect mold will be created according to the wearer’s teeth. This type of mouthguard offers a superior fit and protection.

The third type available is the customized basketball mouthguard. It is the most expensive option because it is specially made by orthodontists after players’ teeth.

How to clean a mouthguard

After each use, the mouthguard must be cleaned very well. This will not be inconvenient because the mouthguard cleaning process is simple and takes a few minutes.

Furthermore, the cleaning process will minimize the risk of bacteria, which can contribute to the occurrence of other health problems.

To clean it, start rinsing it with water after each use to remove any particles attached to it. Then, you can use a mild soap or toothpaste with a smooth brush and gently scrub the debris. After scrubbing it very well, rinse it again until all of the soap or toothpaste residues are gone. Then, place it on a napkin and let it dry completely.

However, it should not be exposed to extreme temperatures because they damage it and even change its shape and size.

The dentists generally recommend that the mouthguard be changed once a year.

Basketball mouthguards to buy

Today we will present you with an option offered by an American brand. Manufacturing a wide variety of accessories for contact sports, the Oral Mart brand offers some of the best mouthguards on the market.

Having said that, let’s see why their products are so great and a good investment for you and your sports career.

Oral Mart Mouth Guards

The Oral Mart mouthguard is a great option for those who practice sports such as basketball, karate, martial arts, football, boxing, MMA, hockey, and rugby. Additionally, this boil-and-bite mouthguard has a high-quality and affordable price.

Unlike other mouthguards, it has a dual-layer construction that provides greater fit, superior comfort, and protection while allowing you to breathe normally. The outer layer ensures shock absorption, while the inner layer memorizes the structure of your teeth after heating and biting.

Crafted using medical-grade silicone, it has passed all safety tests. So you don’t have to worry because the product is BPA, latex, and Phthalate free. Its extra-large air vents promote better breathability, keeping your mouth cool and dry throughout the activity.

On top of all that, these Oral Mart mouthguard features a wide variety of designs and colors. All you have to do is to choose the design you like and never worry about dental injuries again!

Oral Mart has many customers satisfied with the quality of their product because it features a good ratio of price and quality, a superior medical-grade gel that forms well, a great thickness that ensures protection, and printed instructions that are very helpful.

Also, they have a step-by-step guide on how to mold a mouthguard. Check it out .

basketball mouthguard to buy

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if you want to be safe and protect your teeth while practicing basketball or any other contact sport, try wearing a mouthguard. If you are reluctant about comfort, you should know that as long as you choose the one that suits you, it will not cause you any discomfort and will help you focus strictly on your dribbling moves.

Share with our community your experience and let us know in the comments what other brands you prefer.

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