The Most Rated Calcutta Sunglasses That You Can Buy

When it comes not only to buying sunglasses but also other types of accessories, I always look and compare the most expensive options with the cheapest. That’s how I discovered Calcutta sunglasses.

I know that in general the more expensive options also deliver higher quality or superior features. However, this does not mean that the cheap ones should be excluded from the start because some, despite the low price, are impressive in quality. Not to mention that sometimes you don’t necessarily want to invest in the most expensive possible options on the market.

Calcutta sunglasses are a good option for people who like to spend a lot of time outdoors, practicing their own activities that please them. With these sunglasses, you will get something practical and cost-effective.

So that you don’t waste any more time, I have put together for you all Calcutta popular models among customers. Let’s see which one is right for you!

By the way, I own and use the Rip Tide model.

Why Choose Calculatta Sunglasses

You can buy a pair of Calcutta sunglasses because:

  • They are an affordable option
  • They are great to use for daily work, volleyball, hiking, running, fishing, kayaking, sailing – mostly all outdoor activities
  • They have polarized lenses with a Mirror Coating coating
  • The lenses offer 99% UV protection, but also great clarity
  • They have an increased durability
  • They fit all faces
  • Their design does not let the light come in around the edges
  • They are stylish
  • They are lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Their quality is overall a good one
  • They can be worn by men and women

7. Calcutta Rip Tide

These square Calcutta sunglasses are preferred especially among women. They have a design more suitable for women’s narrower faces, while for men they are often small and tight. I understand that it can be frustrating for males, but the female part is thriving with these sunglasses on.

The best part is that they don’t have the metal nose grip. Therefore, they can be worn on the head because they do not tangle and do not break a single hair when taken off.

The sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable, while the polarized lenses block out up to 99% of all UV rays, providing optimal eye coverage and clarity.

They offer a great quality-price ratio. Just remember to always clean their lenses with a fiber-free cloth.

Calcutta Rip Tide Sunglasses
Calcutta Rip Tide Sunglasses

6. Calcutta Bimini

Next on my list of Calcutta polarized sunglasses are the Bimini sunglasses.

The 0.039-inch polarized lenses do an excellent job of protecting your eyes on sunny days.

Harmful UV rays will stay away from your eyes and you will have a clearer view to enjoy your hobby. With them on your eyes, you don’t have to worry. In fact, you’ll enjoy the lightweight feel, good fit, and glare-free, fog-free situations.

The design of the sunglasses is simple, but the Calcutta logo on both temples makes them stand out. Their hinge is quite durable and does not wear out in a short time.

The size of these sunglasses is perfect for all face shapes. They are not too narrow or wide.

Calcutta Bimini Sunglasses
Calcutta Bimini Sunglasses

5. Calcutta Backspray

Great for fishing, motorcycle riding, volleyball, horseback riding, kayaking, or even daily work, the Calcutta Backspray sunglasses are an inexpensive alternative that offers everything you need.

Their design allows them to wrap around the eye in such a way that it limits the glare from almost everything coming in from the sunglasses’ sides. The frame is made from durable plastic, while the rubber-coated nose and temple and ear pads promote comfortable to wear even for several hours in a row.

The lenses are polarized and have a width of 2.36 inches. Their polarization increases visibility while reducing the glare from surfaces like water, glass, and snow.

Comfort, durability, strength, visual clarity, and low price – these Calcutta sunglasses are unbeatable.

Calcutta Backspray Sunglasses
Calcutta Backspray Sunglasses

4. Calcutta Steelhead

Offering a great polarization under $50, the Calcutta Steelhead sunglasses come in 10 different lens shades. Their polarized lenses are scratch resistant and offer UV protection without greatly distorting the colors. They fit well on all faces.

The coverage offered by these glasses is good and does not allow any light to come around the frames. Speaking of frames, they are made of sturdy plastic that increases their durability.

They are comfortable and their grip does not let them leave the face so easily. So you can bend over while fishing, running, or doing other activities without problems.

Although they are cheap, if you give them the same care as you would take care of $300 glasses, they will last a long time.

Calcutta Steelhead Sunglasses
Calcutta Steelhead Sunglasses

3. Calcutta Shock Wave

Boasting amazing features, these Calcutta Shock Wave can easily become your new go-to sunglasses. They are lightweight, and their coverage is pretty good, even for the largest faces. The frame is made entirely of plastic and does not have any rubber. This is fine because these sunglasses will not come off when sweating or applying any SFP lotion.

The full, polarized lenses do not fog and reduce glare while improving visibility in bright light conditions. They bring up a lot of contrast that allows you to see all the vibrant fish underwater or enjoy the surroundings.

The price and quality of these Calcutta polarized sunglasses cannot be beaten by any other option on the market.

If you liked all three pairs presented so far and you can’t decide on just one, then why not buy all three? Calcutta offers a great package that contains the Prowler, Catalina, and Shock Wave sunglasses.

Calcutta Shock Wave Sunglasses
Calcutta Shock Wave Sunglasses

2. Calcutta Catalina

The Calcutta Catalina sunglasses offer a Ray-Ban Wayfarer style at a reasonable price and good quality. Their tri acetate cellulose lenses are polarized and feature Mirror Coating coating. The nice optics and polarization reduce the reflected glare.

Those who fish can choose this pair of glasses because they allow you to see through the water. The clarity of the lenses will help you catch lots of fish. At the same time, your eyes benefit from increased protection against harmful sun rays.

The glasses are durable and deliver good coverage of the viewing area at a decent price. However, to be worn in the long term, they must be treated well. If thrown around and carelessly, they may scratch.

Calcutta Catalina Sunglasses
Calcutta Catalina Sunglasses

1. Calcutta Prowler

The Calcutta Prowler Sunglasses can be used regardless of the hobby you practice.

They have polarized lenses that manage to protect your eyes by blocking out 99% of all UV rays. The lenses also have a Mirror Coating coating that reflects the sun’s rays and reduces glare, ultimately managing to deliver superior, clear visibility.

The frame of these Calcutta sunglasses is made from a sturdy plastic that resists long wear very well. Featuring a width of 2.44 inches, a bridge width of 0.82 inches, and an arm’s length of 4.92 inches, these outdoor glasses fit well on the largest faces but will be a bit bigger for smaller or narrow faces.

What is impressive about this pair of glasses is the comfort offered and the fact that they fit very close to the face, which means that very little light reaches the eyes. The affordable price makes them a really good deal.

Not to say that some customers are true fans and have been buying them continuously for over 10 years.

Calcutta Prowler Sunglasses
Calcutta Prowler Sunglasses

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