Carbon Fiber Hockey Sticks: 5 Awesome Sticks for Players Seeking Power and Control

Carbon fiber hockey sticks have succeeded in revolutionizing hockey ever since the first models appeared in 1990. Since then, the hockey stick made from carbon fiber is among the preferences of all players of this ice sport.

Carbon fiber hockey sticks
Carbon fiber hockey sticks

But what is so special about these hockey sticks that they are so successful among hockey players?

What makes these sticks really perform is the material. Carbon fiber has some special properties that offer a light weight, a perfect amount of flexibility, as well as stability and control.

Today, I will show some carbon fiber hockey sticks for both youth and adults.

Are hockey sticks made of carbon fiber?

Yes, hockey sticks are made from carbon fiber. But, are all hockey sticks made of carbon fiber, though?

No, hockey sticks can also be made of other materials such as wood or aluminum. Of course, wood sticks are cheaper, but they also have low durability compared to carbon fiber ones. The aluminum ones, although flexible, they do not give the player a feel for the puck.

However, hockey sticks made from carbon fiber are considered to be the best ones. They have very high durability and are the most lightweight of all options.

Moreover, these sticks are popular due to their great responsiveness. They can store and release energy when needed, allowing the player to have extreme precision shots.

1. Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

The hockey stick from Arsenal Envy comes with an awesome green and black color scheme that suits the ice rink very well.

It is a senior model with a 60″ shaft at 85 and 75 flex made from a carbon-fiber composite one-piece that delivers good durability.

Its flex works pretty well offering a great release during the snap, and slap shots, as well as for wrist shots. Also, considering its medium flex, this carbon fiber hockey stick is suitable for more experienced players who prefer a perfect balance of power and control.

The stick is very sturdy and a bit heavier than other hockey sticks. Despite the extra weight, it is extremely balanced and ensures you an outstanding performance during your game. If you have more experience, you may not even feel the extra weight when you play. Some of those who have already tried this stick believe that an average beer league player will not be bothered by its small extra weight.

The blade has an A92 curve that is specially created to respond quickly to player inputs. Being very responsive, the blade is perfectly designed with a curve right in the middle, which provides great opportunities for shooting and passing. The amount of grip delivered by it is great for making the perfect shot on the ice.

Altogether, the Arsenal Envy hockey stick feels very good in the hand, giving you good confidence during the games. You can use it both in friendly hockey games, as well as in competitive adult leagues.

Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick - Carbon fiber hockey sticks

2. Arsenal Covet Performance Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

The Covet Performance is another ice hockey stick from Arsenal. It differs primarily from the Envy one by its lighter weight. Those from Arsenal have reduced the weight of this particular stick to suit professional hockey players.

This carbon composite hockey stick measures 60 inches in length and has the A92 curve. The A92 curve is one of the most popular in this sport. Its mid-curve design suits several playing styles and positions.

The 75 & 85 flex makes this product suitable for experienced athletes. The medium flex of this product combined with the light weight gives you enough power when hitting the puck.

If you are one of those who prefer a longer stick then this one has a length of 60 inches. The grip of the shaft allows the player to hit with power and confidence, especially when it comes to wrist shots.

Its durability is indisputable as its material is a premium and very sturdy one. If you like this stick but want another flex or curve, know that it is only valid in one flex and one curve.

Arsenal Covet Performance Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

3. Winnwell Q5 Ice Hockey Stick

The Winnwell Q5 Ice Hockey Stick has not only a great price but also superior quality. This stick has a carbon/fiberglass shaft with a length of 60 inches. Players with a certain level of experience can use a stick with such a length. But not only that. Those who want to have a wider reach on the ice ring can also use a 60-inch shaft.

The stick is available in two different blade patterns. The first type is the PS119 which has a mid-curve design with a moderate depth, an open angle, and a lie of 5.5. The second type is PS 155 which has a heel curve with a very deep depth, a very open angle, a lie of 5.5, and a square shape.

The PS119 gives the player great control over the stick that allows him to enjoy a quick release on wrist shots and snapshots. If you want to have a level of comparison, then you can put this PS119 next to Easton E3, CCM P29, and even Warrior W03.

On the other side, the PS155 is more for those who play a defensive style. It offers a lot of power on slap shots. You can compare it with Bauer P02, Easton E5, CCM P20, and Warrior W12/002.

Winnwell Q5 Ice Hockey Stick - Carbon fiber hockey sticks

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4. MyLec MK5 Pro Carbon Composite Hockey Stick

Hockey juniors will surely enjoy the performance of this Mylec MK5 Pro Composite ABS hockey stick. This stick comes with a carbon composite shaft that has a length of 52 inches. The 52 inches shaft is perfect for juniors who demand lightweight, durability, and control from the hockey stick.

Considering that the stick is for juniors, it has a flex of 50. This light flex offers a nice and light feeling for junior players with less strength. Thus, they can easily control and maneuver the stick, bringing winning points to the team.

The blade features an ABS reinforcement, offering increased responsiveness. Moreover, this blade can be used on outdoor and indoor surfaces thanks to the ASB inserts.

The blade curve is an M92 one, which is very similar to the P92. It is curved right in the middle, allowing players to have absolute control over the puck. This popular blade pattern features a lie of 5-6, a round toe, and an open face.

All in all, the stick offers excellent performance on ice and a sleek design, all at a decent price.

MyLec MK5 Pro Carbon Composite Hockey Stick

5. StringKing Composite Pro Prototype

The StringKing Composite Pro Prototype Senior Ice Hockey Stick delivers powerful and consistent shots on the ice. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, this stick is lightweight and very durable.

It incorporates the Smart Taper technology. This innovative technology causes carbon fiber to be distributed gradually. So that the shaft is thicker in the upper area while towards the blade it becomes thinner. This distribution of the material improves the control of the stick, the balance, but also the precision of the shots.

The weight of this carbon fiber hockey stick is not quite as low as a stick with a higher price, but not very heavy either. The tiny extra weight it has doesn’t feel when you play. Still, it is much more lightweight than its predecessors.

The mid-low kick point of the hockey sticks from carbon fiber makes it a suitable choice for those who make quick, wrist shots. It is available in several types of flex like 105 flex, 85 flex, and 95 flex, and in one SK92 type of curve. The SK92 curve boasts an open face angle, a lie of 6, a round toe shape, and a mid curve.

This balanced hockey stick will for sure help you enhance your game.

StringKing Composite Pro Prototype

Final Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with a carbon fiber hockey stick. They are lightweight but at the same time very durable, offering stability, control, and precision with each hit.

The various options of flex and curves offer players the opportunity to choose the best one according to their style.

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