Casual And Chic “Loosies” Caps By Bodega

Those of you who enjoy the occasional smoke will probably want to have a look at the “Loosies” caps by Bodega, as these unique accessories show off the labels of some of the world’s most renowned tobacco brands. The logos are featured at the front sides of the caps, while the rear sides boast Bodega’s own badges.

White Cap, Loosies By Bodega Loosies Caps By Bodega

The release campaign for these curved-brim caps says “Everything is killing us anyway”, and one particular image tells us that “Life is worth living.” Clearly, Bodega’s trying to encourage us to live in the now and not worry about bumming a smoke every now and then, which is arguably a good piece of advice, depending on how you look at it.

The caps feature a classic design and come in white and pink colorways. You can admire them yourself by browsing through the following images.

Casual Loosies Caps By Bodega Bodega Pink-White Caps Bodega White-Pink Loosies Caps

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