Check Out The Baller Yoga Mats!

Those of you who want to practice your yoga sessions in style will definitely appreciate this genuine leather yoga mat from Baller. Each Baller Yoga Mat is created using 100 percent pebble-grain football leather, which is the very same Horween Tanned-In-Tack football leather used in the NFL.

Leather Baller Yoga Mats Baller Yoga Mats

However, you don’t have to be a football fan in order to appreciate the exquisite looks and amazing grip of this yoga mat. It even has that unique leather smell, and it wears in as it is used over time, just like a good pair of leather gloves. Available in a sand/silver variant or in a red/black colorway, the Baller Yoga Mat is one of the most amazing products of its kind, even though it is a bit on the expensive side.

Baller Yoga Mats, Leather Yoga Mats by Baller

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