Check Out The Jordan Flex-Fit Hat!

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet simple-looking hat created by a reputable company, then you’re going to love this Jordan fitted hat. That’s because its Flex-Fit design guarantees a snug fit, while its classic six-panel design has interior taping for a plus of comfort. The fabric for the body is 100% wool, while the back of the front panel is 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

The Jordan Flex-Fit Hat Flex-Fit Hat by Jordan Jordan Hat

As for the underbill, it was created using 100% cotton, which means that it boasts softness as well as flexibility. Other highlights include embroidered details at the front and back for a stylish look. This cap should only be washed by hand, which makes sense given the fabrics that were used in its manufacturing.

Red Jordan Flex-Fit Hat Red Flex-Fit Hat by Jordan Red Jordan Hat

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