Check Out This Non Slip Yoga Towel By MEGALOVEMART!

This super absorbent non slip yoga towel was created by MEGALOVEMART, and it is available in quite a few different colors such as Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Pink, Green, Gray and Brown. It is a non-slip suede microfiber towel that can be used for yoga, exercise or Pilates, but since it is incredibly thin and compact, it can also be carried around on trips such as hiking or camping adventures.

Blue Non Slip Yoga Towel Brown Non Slip Yoga Towel

It was designed specifically with super absorbency and functionality in mind, and it features a soft, luxurious feel. It’s worth noting that even though these towels are machine-washable, they shouldn’t be mixed with cotton fabrics, and they should also be tumble-dried after the first wash in order to prevent shedding.

Green Non Slip Yoga Towel Grey Non Slip Yoga Towel Pink Non Slip Yoga Towel Purple Non Slip Yoga Towel Turquoise Non Slip Yoga Towel

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