Check Out The Pro K Hockey Gloves By Reebok!

Gloves are undoubtedly some of the most important pieces of hockey gear, and that’s because they’re the ones that help you perform at your best by ensuring much-needed grip and protection. The Pro K hockey glove by Reebok is available in a plethora of team colors, which means that you won’t have any trouble matching them with your other gear pieces.

Pro K Hockey Gloves By Reebok

They were created using polyester with embossed PU, which means that they are light and comfortable. The backhand and finger areas boast single density foam with PE inserts, while the thumb has a 3-piece flexible lock thumb that improves mobility and grip. The palm flaunts a pro-feel soft AX Suede construction that enhances stick handling, and we should also mention the segmented seamless cuff with no binding that improves comfort as well as freedom of movement.

Pro K Hockey Gloves Reebok

Pro K Hockey Gloves
Reebok Hockey Gloves
REEBOK Pro K Hockey Gloves
Hockey Gloves BY Reebok
Pro K Hockey Gloves By Reebok, Colors

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