Check Out The Ultimate Cricket Batting Gloves By Slazenger!

We’re about to present a superb pair of cricket batting gloves that provide an ideal balance between lightness, durability and protection. The Ultimate Gloves were put together using Test Match Quality Korean PU, and they feature a multi-flex chamber, as well as a carbon fiber WR100X Pittards Leather Palm with V Ventilation.

Ultimate Cricket Batting Gloves By Slazenger

Finger protection is ensured by reinforced “Shark Tooth” HD Foam Chambers, which are available on all fingers, while Shaped 1500K Armour Protection coats the Lead Fingers. As for side protection, it comes in the form of a 3-piece top hand side bolster and a 1-piece bottom hand bolster. The thumb is a two-piece 1500K angled cut, while the gusset features a modern airflow system. Last but not least, we should mention the 50mm doubled sided sweatband and the Low Profile Slazenger embossed Quick Release System.

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