Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Shoes By Converse And Undefeated

Converse and Undefeated have been known to collaborate from time to time on unique and eye-catching apparel, and the result has always been quite exceptional. The Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 sneaker is definitely no exception, as it features the iconic converse design recreated in high quality leather. The kicks come in a variety of colors combinations, each impressive in their own way.

Black Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 ShoesBlack Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 sneakerChuck Taylor All Star ’70 Sneaker by ConverseUndefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker

The white pair features red color blocks around the heel, tonal laces and speckled lining, while the black variant boasts a black upper complemented by a white midsole. Each edition comes with the brand’s renowned Five Strike logo, which adorns the heel of the shoe. Just when we thought that Converse shoes couldn’t get any better, Undefeated and Converse manage to prove us wrong.

Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 SneakerUndefeated x Converse Shoes

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