Clothing and Extra Protection to Wear for Paintball + 7 Tips for Beginners

Clothing and Extra Protection to Wear for Paintball

The essential paintball equipment list is not extremely long when it comes to paintball clothing. So if you want to play paintball but you have a low budget, you can opt for the minimum paintball clothing and you’re good to go.

However, if you want extra protection because you feel safer or you are simply a beginner and you don’t want to feel the paintballs so hard, then the list expands.

Below I will describe what is the essential paintball clothing and what additional protective gear you can add for each part of your body to keep yourself safe on the field.

Let’s start!

Paintball Clothing and Protection Equipment To Wear


When playing paintball, you can choose to wear certain items to cover up your head.

According to the paintball rules, the standard equipment for the head that every player must have is paintball goggles. Paintball goggles offer eye protection, which is necessary considering that the game includes paintballs and a lot of dirt.

Apart from paintball goggles, you can add optionally a baseball cap to shield you from the harmful sun rays. You can even choose to wear a headband or bandana. These are also lightweight options that can cover up your head while wicking sweat away from your forehead.

These simple paintball clothing items can keep you comfortable while playing.

+ Extra Protection For The Head

If you feel that all the above are not enough and you do not feel comfortable playing just with those, you can always add more.

You can opt for a paintball mask. A paintball mask covers your head and face. Your forehead, cheeks, eyes, and mouth are protected by it.

If you choose a paintball mask, then you don’t have to purchase paintball goggles separately. Most paintball masks come with their own paintball goggles attached to them.

Torso and Back

The minimum amount of clothing that paintball players can wear on the upper part of the body is a paintball jersey. A paintball jersey is different from a normal jersey – if you want to know the characteristics and features, then read the essential paintball equipment list.

By wearing this paintball padded clothing, your arms, and torso will be covered from paintballs.

The price for a paintball jersey is between $20 and $100. If your budget is low, then go for a cheaper paintball jersey – it provides you with good coverage and protection.

+ Extra Protection For Torso

I know that at the beginning most paintball players are afraid of contact with the paintballs. I got you and I have the ideal pieces to add under or over the paintball jersey.

The first option is wearing a chest protector. The chest protector features padding that absorbs the shock and impact of paintballs. The chest and back are both covered and safe. You can wear it under or on top of the paintball jersey.

The second option that I have for you is the paintball army vest or tactical vest. This vest is similar to the one worn by soldiers and has padding to minimize the impact. It also boasts many pockets that allow you to carry paintballs, extra CO2 tanks, and other paintball accessories.

Both pieces of protective gear do the same thing. Just take the one that you prefer most.


The coverage that your arms get in paintball is from the length of the sleeves of the paintball jerseys, which offers you a degree of protection.

+ Extra Protection For Arms

You can supplement the arm protection at any time with paintball arm pads, elbow pads, or compression sleeves.

The paintball arm and elbow pads have padding that reduces the impacts, while the compression sleeves minimize the risk of getting abrasions and cuts.


For the neck, you don’t have to wear anything. Many paintball players prefer to keep this area of the body uncovered.

+ Extra Protection For Neck

If you want to cover your neck as well, you can use paintball neck protection. Like all other clothing pieces for paintball, the paintball neck protection also has padding. It has a Velcro system that gives you the opportunity to adjust it. You wear it under the paintball jersey.


There is only one way to protect your hands in paintball, and this is by wearing paintball gloves. For more guidance on how to choose the right paintball gloves and how many types of paintball gloves exist, read my article about the best paintball gloves.

+ Extra Protection For Hands

For extra protection, choose some full-finger paintball gloves with lots of padding. Not all paintball gloves offer a thick level of padding. So, take my advice and check the gloves’ amount of padding and even the opinions of others who have purchased a product.


Paintball pants are the bare minimum when it comes to protecting the lower half of your body. Their durable material protects your legs against paintballs, but also from leg injuries like scratches and cuts when you crawl on the ground.

The areas like knees and hips benefit from the extra padding of this type of pants. Plus, these pants provide a good range of motion to move with agility on the paintball field.

+ Extra Protection For Legs

Along with paintball pants, you have the option to wear knee pads, shin guards, or compression sleeves for added leg protection. You can wear all these extra items underneath or over the paintball pants, depending on your preference.

Combining knee pads or shin guards with paintball pants ensures extended protection for your lower body. You won’t feel anything when you crawl or get hit by paintballs from opponents.


Finally, for feet protection you need shoes. You can use lots of types of shoes for playing paintball. You can find additional information about paintball shoes in the essential paintball equipment list.

Just keep in mind what you usually like to play. Do you prefer woodsball or speedball? Then add your other preferences like the weight, look, fit, and feel.

+ Extra Protection For Feet

As long as you choose an ideal paintball option, your feet are fully protected. Just avoid wearing any open-toed shoes because it will increase your chances of injuring your feet.

Paintball Clothing Tips

Now you know the essential paintball clothing and protective paintball gear that you can wear when playing paintball. Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind when getting ready and dressed to go to the paintball field.

Wear weather-appropriate clothing

Always take the weather into account when dressing for a new paintball adventure. Many beginners make the mistake of wearing thicker paintball clothes, so as not to feel the impact of the paintballs. However, in the warmer season, it is not good because you will overheat. And you can’t do anything if you don’t have other clothes with you. You are stuck in some clothes that make you extremely hot, you can not remove them, and you cannot even perform.

My advice is to always wear multiple layers for paintball. If it’s cold or raining, you can keep multiple layers of clothing. You won’t feel the cold, and you can even add a beanie to your head. If along the way the weather warms up, you can always give up a few layers until you feel comfortable.

Believe me, you will not regret it if you follow my advice. Adding and removing layers is the best tip to be comfortable at all times when playing paintball.

Choose clothes that are not too tight or restrictive

Your paintball clothes must be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Paintball is an active sport – you have to run, jump over obstacles, and crawl. If you wear clothes that are too tight, your agility is affected. You can’t get up quickly, run or hide properly. So, avoid wearing tight-fitting paintball clothing that could limit your movement.

Opt for durable clothing

As I mentioned before, paintball involves running, clawing, and sliding on the ground a lot. There is also the risk of catching your pants or paintball jersey on tree branches or other obstacles.

You need clothes that withstand all these conditions.

The most suitable materials for paintball clothes are nylon, polyester, or ripstop. They are recognized for their durability.

Pick dark clothing or camouflage

This advice is generally for those who play woodsball. This type of paintball involves a lot of hiding and sneaking around.

You have to fit in as well as possible in the environment and even blend into it so that the opponent does not notice you.

Dark or camouflage clothes help you get lost in the forest landscape. The chances of being spotted by the teammates of the other team are lower than if you wore, for example, white.

If you prefer speedball, then feel free to choose any color you want.

Prepare backup clothes for the ride home

It is almost impossible to play paintball and not get hit at least once by a paintball or get dirty in other ways. If you manage not to be hit or even touched by the paint, then you are a true magician.

Ok, but for those who do not succeed, it is good to prepare a strategy for the car ride back.

You can take spare clothes with you to change into. If you don’t like this idea and you don’t want to carry other clothes, then take a towel or sheet to place on the car seat.

Clean your paintball clothes right after the game.

My recommendation is to wash your paintball clothes as soon as you get home.

Why? Because paintballs stain the clothes if left unwashed for too long. Although the paint also contains water, it also includes pigments that once impregnated in the fibers of the clothes become more difficult to remove when the paint has dried.

Of course, there are times when you don’t feel like washing them when you get home. So what should you do? Check out our easy guide to get paintball paint out of clothes for more information and tips.

Avoid wearing fashion accessories

My last piece of advice regarding paintball clothes is to avoid wearing jewelry or other fashion accessories,

These can hurt you as well as the other partners. They can get stuck in your paintball equipment or clothing causing chaos. I’m not saying that among all the crawling and sliding in the dirt, you can lose them.

Best to leave them at home and enjoy them after your paintball session.

Final Thoughts

Paintball is a thrilling sports activity that you can practice with both minimal paintball clothing and extra protective gear. With this in mind, you can enjoy your paintball session without worrying about painful paintballs or other injuries.

Have fun!

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