Custom Power CPK Shoulder Pad By Riddell

If you’re looking for a great pair of American Football shoulder pads, you’ll be glad to know that Riddell has released its Custom Power CPK shoulder pad – a tough and reliable product that’s guaranteed to keep you safe even during the most intense matches. These pads feature Riddell’s patented RipKord Technology and STAC system, but what really makes these pads stand out is is that they can be built from the ground up according to your unique body specifications.

Custom American Football shoulder pads

The customizable parts include the deltoids, bodies, centers/channels and even the STAC sizing. Other highlights comprise reliable stainless steel hardware, velvet collars and a Flat Pad design. This product is recommended for Professional, Collegiate and Elite athletes, and it is available in several different color combinations.

Custom Power CPK Shoulder Pad By Riddell Riddell Custom Power CPK Shoulder Pad Riddell Custom Shoulder Pad

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