Dependable Ammo Bat Youth By SKLZ

The awesome Ammo Bat Youth by SKLZ was designed to be used during batting practices or any other training routines, and it is part of a system that’s fully adaptable to a coach’s mechanical philosophy and hitting techniques. The Ammo Bat System includes three bats, namely a head loaded, hand loaded and unloaded bat, all of which manage to add about 10 extra mph of bat speed or 60’ of extra hitting distance.

Dependable Ammo Bat Youth By SKLZ

The program usually lasts about six weeks, and it can be customized depending on the player’s age and size preference. Some of the world’s most renowned collegiate baseball programs currently use this unique system, which also comes with a useful and straightforward instructional DVD.

Ammo Bat Youth By SKLZ SKLZ Ammo Bat Youth

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