Dependable Bike Pump and Multi-Tool By Supreme & Lezyne

It doesn’t usually take two reputable brands to create a set of reliable bike pumps and multi-tools, but in the case of Supreme and Lezyne, the collaboration made perfect sense. The two brands have come together to create an outstanding bike pump with a shiny aluminum body, which is adorned with Supreme’s signature box logo on the handle. The pump is packaged in a red Supreme drawstring bag, which is definitely a nice touch.

Bike Pump and Multi-Tool By Supreme & Lezyne Bike Pump with Aluminum Body

The aluminum theme was maintained for the Allen multi-tool as well, which is accompanied by a complementary Supreme box logo. The tool flaunts ten forged anti-corrosion extensions, which are bound to come in handy at some point.

Bike Pump and Multi-tools Multi-Tool By Supreme & Lezyne

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