Dependable Pro Drybag By Subtech Sports

Waterproof bags are great at keeping your belongings dry, but that doesn’t mean that they can keep sensitive equipment safe at all times, and that’s why Subtech Sports decided to create a bag that offers protection from humidity as well as security for your precious gear. Dubbed Pro Drybag, this accessory features inflatable interior walls that provide a certain structure to the back in order to make it fit perfectly while keeping your contents safe from bumps and shocks.

Dependable Pro Drybag By Subtech Sports

Should the owner drop this bag in a body of water by accident, it would just float up to the surface in a few seconds, as it is waterproof for up to 164 feet. It also comes with a large zipper that opens up diagonally, which definitely adds a plus of practicality.

Pro Drybag By Subtech Sports Subtech Sports Pro Drybag Waterproof Pro Drybag By Subtech Sports

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