Dragon evoPOWER 3.2 Graphic FG Soccer Cleats By Puma

Puma definitely doesn’t mess around when it comes to creating outstanding soccer equipment, and these puma women’s soccer cleats definitely prove this point. They feature a beautiful high-risk red-white-sea pine colorway, with Japanese dragons that represent symbols of power and speed that were inspired by various tattoos worn by the world’s most renowned players.

Dragon evoPOWER 3.2 Graphic FG Soccer Cleats By Puma Dragon evoPOWER 3.2 Graphic FG Women's Soccer Cleats By Puma

Performance-wise, the cleats include high-end technologies such as powerCELL and Grip-Tex, which enhance striking power and ball control respectively. For extra comfort, a soft heel insert reduces pressure on the Achilles heel, while a soft and lightweight synthetic upper offers just enough flexibility. This model was designed for firm natural surfaces, which is worth keeping in mind if you plan to wear them during your playing or training sessions.

Puma Women’s Soccer Cleats Women’s Soccer Cleats by Puma, Heel TaB Women’s Soccer Cleats by Puma

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