Elite Hook & Loop Training Gloves By Everlast

Durable, lightweight, and comfortable, the Elite Everlast boxing gloves boast a unique, revolutionary design that consists of an anatomically shaped shell. This shell supports a natural range of motion as well as perfect fist placement for the wearer, while the company’s Evershield technology makes sure to stabilize and protect the hand and wrist during intense boxing sessions.

Training Gloves By Everlast

The glove’s original one-piece design was envisioned as a natural extension of the wearer’s hand, and its “second skin” fit is a true testament to Everlast’s dedication and ingenuity. When it comes to materials, the Elite Hook & Loop features a high-quality mix of multi-layered foam and composite microfiber, which ensures durability for a long time.

Black Elite Hook & Loop Everlast boxing gloves Blue Elite Hook & Loop Everlast boxing gloves Elite Hook & Loop Everlast boxing gloves

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