Everlast Kinesiology Tape by SpiderTech™

Kinesiology tape is not something that it’s often heard, but if you are passionate of sports competitions you have probably seen athletes applying on different parts of the body, bands of different colors, placed in forms that are more or less strange. The new Everlast Kinesiology Tape is made of 100% cotton and ensures a 100% drug-free relief for all the minor pains and aches.

Everlast Kinesiology Tape for Shoulder and Ankle

Due to its elasticity, it’s easy to apply it on your shoulder, ankle or knee, providing support for joint instability, sprains and muscle strains. Moreover, this hypoallergenic and latex-free tape provides support in three key areas: pain relief, prevention of further injury and performance enhancement.

New Everlast Kinesiology Tape

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