Exceptional Band Fitness Tracker By Under Armour

Whether you practice a specific sport or you just like to work out from time to time, you’re going to need a modern and reliable fitness tracker. This high-quality Under Armour water-resistant wristband might prove to be the ideal solution, as it comes with a generous selection of features that can help you keep track of your workout routines. The Under Armour Band Fitness Tracker can help you monitor your daily activity level, workout intensity, and sleep patterns, and you can always upload those results to a free UA Record app.

Interestingly enough, the device allows you to start and track workouts without having to press any buttons, and it can also receive smart notifications and help you control your music when it is synced with a smartphone. It also alerts you when you’ve been inactive for too long and whenever you reach your set goals. The gadget is completely compatible with Bluetooth, and it is powered by a 110 mAH embedded battery that ensures uptime of up to five days.

Band Fitness Tracker By Under Armour Under Armour Band Fitness Tracker Black Band Fitness Tracker by Under Armour Under Armour Water-Resistant Wristband Water-Resistant Wristband by Under Armour

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