Exquisite Stretch Down Jacket By FILA Golf

If the cold weather doesn’t discourage you from enjoying a good game of golf, you’re going to need some special equipment this winter in order to make sure that you’ll be able to perform at your best during every match. Fortunately, FILA Golf has recently unveiled its Stretch Down Jacket, which is perfectly suited for both the green and the clubhouse.

Stretch Down Jacket for Men By FILA Golf FILA Golf Stretch Down Jacket

Boasting a goose down filling as well as a soft stretch material, the jacket ensures an impressive degree of thermal retention while facilitating movement. Moreover, since it features a 9:1 proportion of soft hairs to feathers, the Stretch down is a very lightweight product, which is a big plus considering the fact that you’ll likely have to wear it for hours at a time.

This practical and stylish apparel piece is available in both men’s and women’s designs, both of which incorporate removable hoods.

FILA Golf Stretch Down Jacket for Women FILA Stretch Down Golf Jacket for Men

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