Fantastic 11.5” Robinson Cano A2000 SuperSkin Glove By Wilson

Professional baseball players are able to recognize a high-end glove right after they put it on for the first time, and that’s because these gloves feature a perfect break-in while offering fantastic durability and reliability. Most of the time, it all comes down to the choice of materials, but a well-thought design also plays a key role in creating a great glove.

Cano A2000 SuperSkin Glove By Wilson Cano A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove By Wilson

The Wilson baseball glove that we’re about to describe ticks all the right boxes: it was created by a reputable company, it features advanced technologies, and it was put together using durable leather. It comes in an 11.5” size, as it was designed for adult players, and it flaunts a mix of ProStock leather and Super Skin, which is two times stronger and much lighter when compared to conventional A2000 gloves.

The Super Skin was placed on the back of the glove, where it needs to be the most durable. Other highlights include two leather strips placed on the finger back in order to create a more durable pocket, as well as Dri-Lex Wrist Lining, which promotes breathability in order to keep the hand dry and cool.

A2000 Superskin Baseball Gloves by Wilson SuperSkin Baseball Gloves by Wilson Wilson A2000 Superskin Baseball Glove Wilson a2000 Superskin Baseball Gloves

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