Fantastic Kookaburra 1500 Wicket Keeping Gloves

The Kookaburra 1500 wicket keeping gloves are a part of the Kookaburra wicket keeping gloves collection, and they represent its Aussie “shorti” style offering. They offer Grade 1 Protection, and they impress with a unique Kookaburra catching cup, and with a non-stretch super flex Kangaroo leather build that provides exceptional comfort and performance.

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When it comes to grip, it is ensured by an Octopus rubber system, which is well known for its longevity and flexibility.  The finger tabs were manufactured using a durable scuff material, and they received reinforced moldings for extra toughness. Lastly, we should mention the K-Flex system, which ensures support through the backhand thus minimizing the risk of injury.

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