Fantastic Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet

Boasting brand new protective technologies and unique design cues, the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet is one of the most outstanding football helmets to date. The technologies that we’re talking about are named Flex System, Ratchet-Loc and Composite Energy Management, and they were all implemented in order to make sure that this model would never disappoint its wearer on the football field.

The Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet, Side View

The Ratchet-Loc system allows the wearer to adjust his chinstrap without too much effort on the go. Te straps feature ridges that lock into place using proprietary tech from Riddell, which means that the wearer simply needs to tug on the strap until it sits in a perfect position. The SpeedFlex helmet has passed the Virginia Tech Helmet Study with flying colors, as it received a 5-star rating. The piece features different colors, including matte ones, and it comes in a generous list of sizes, which is always a big plus.

Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet

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